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Digitalisaatio ja lean rakentamisessa is a two-day module in the Kestävä rakennuttaja program and can also be taken as a stand-alone program.

Digitalisaatio ja lean rakentamisessa

How do you improve the profits of the construction industry’s supply chain and the quality of the final product?

The Digitalisaatio ja lean rakentamisessa (Digitalization and Lean in Construction Management) program gives you the latest information and tools for improving project efficiency and quality of construction.

The program draws on the experience gained from the “Building 2030” consortium project, a joint effort by Aalto University and various construction companies. In training, the results and experiences gained from research projects are introduced to companies through practical examples.

The work around Building 2030 is based on international comparisons, the adoption of best practices from other sectors, and changes in practices made possible by technology and digitalization.  In addition to Aalto University, the Building 2030 project consortium includes 16 companies from the construction sector. Having a vision for the construction sector is considered preparation for future changes in the sector such as digitalization, rapid urbanization, and climate change while helping to ensure that the construction businesses can continue on a sustainable footing. 

This program will be held in Finnish.

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January 13, 2024


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High-standard and relevant content. The program is practical and based on well-founded international and domestic knowledge and experience.  

The program offers answers to critical challenges which are weakening the construction sector’s productivity and presents future opportunities.  

The instructor-led “Diploma in Construction Management” program is recommended by 100% of its participants.


The program offers answers to critical challenges which are weakening the construction sector’s productivity. The training examines the problems of efficiency in the construction industry from different angles in order to find sustainable solutions. Through lean, projects can be implemented with higher quality, be easier to manage, and finish in a shorter time. The aim is to find an approach for reducing the duration of projects and improving the reliability of deliveries. The skilled staff has the means to improve productivity.

Get the latest information and tools to support project management and to improve the quality of construction
View productivity issues from different perspectives and share best practices together with other experts


The program is suitable for both experienced and more junior construction and design experts and provides the opportunity to acquire the latest know-how and deepen your knowledge.

It is ideal for Project Managers, Developer Managers, Work Managers, and Construction Engineers, who realize concrete projects and are considering new ways of working.

Contents and Schedule

The program examines construction from the perspective of lean thinking and a digitalized construction process, among others. The training visits established methods in the construction industry using interactive teaching methods and extends the skills of the participants into areas required in the future.

The duration of the program is five days. The program consists of contact teaching days, an intermediate task, and interaction in the group.


Contact teaching

Contact teaching days led by Aalto University experts

Exercise tasks

Applied exercise between the modules

Practical examples

Experiences from both international and domestic projects


Program Fee and Registration

Program start

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