Unique and Inspiring Learning Environment

An inspiring, exclusive environment is an important development platform for new ideas, innovation, and learning. We have created beautiful and experiential learning facilities which encourage new thinking and knowledge sharing.

The versatility and location of the facilities together with high-quality customer service provide an excellent basis for training events and ensure successful meetings and corporate events of various kinds. The unique atmosphere for each space is created by meticulously selected pieces of modern art. At Aalto University Töölö, the comprehensive equipment of the facilities also enables virtual and so-called hybrid deliveries.

Our Art Collection

The Aalto EE art collection includes around 300 pieces of contemporary and modern art, displayed for the benefit, inspiration, and pleasure of our program participants, guests, partners, and employees.

Further Information

Please contact us at reservations@aaltoee.fi for further information on Aalto EE's premises or if you are interested in booking a facility for your organization's use.

Kindly note that only Aalto Töölö premises in Helsinki are available for external use.