Aalto MBA Visitor

Before formally starting your Aalto MBA studies, you can take up to four MBA modules as a visitor together with the current MBA participants. The module fee of € 3,100 (+ VAT) will be fully recompensed in the Aalto MBA program fee and the module study credits (4.5 ECTS per module) can be transferred.

What are the advantages?

  • A total of 18 ECTS credits (four modules) earned in the MBA Visitor Program can be transferred to the Aalto MBA, making it possible to complete 20% of the Aalto MBA studies prior to the official program start. The study credits remain transferable for five years.
  • Participation in the MBA Visitor Program provides new Aalto MBA participants with greater flexibility in the timing of their studies.
  • The fees paid for each completed MBA Visitor module will be deducted in full form in the Aalto MBA tuition fee.

The visitor modules include several core modules, such as Business Processes, Marketing, People Management, and Strategic Management, as well as selected elective modules, such as Design Thinking, Digital Transformation, and Leading Change.

Please get in touch with the MBA team for further information on upcoming modules and registration. We will help you with any questions you may have on starting your studies and finding the best solution for you.

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Global Leader Program

Global Leader is a compact and flexible program that can help you strengthen your strategic skills to manage interlinked functions in a multinational environment and learn more about different areas of business that impact your career potential.

The program has six modules: four mandatory core modules and two elective modules which participants are able to choose from a selection of Aalto Executive MBA and/or Aalto MBA electives according to personal preference. Each module is worth 4.5 ECTS credits. All Global Leader modules can also be taken as stand-alone programs.

Global Leader offers many benefits for those who wish to study in a compact and efficient general management program, but it also provides an ideal springboard towards studying for an Aalto MBA.

  • Up to six modules completed in the Global Leader program can be transferred to the Aalto MBA studies. The modules’ study credits are transferable for five years.
  • The tuition fee paid for the Global Leader program (€ 15,500) will be fully compensated if four to six completed modules’ study credits and grades are transferred towards an Aalto MBA when a participant applies and get accepted in Aalto MBA within a year of completing the Global Leader program.
  • Participants who want to transfer less than four modules will be eligible for a 5% compensation from the MBA tuition fee per transferred module.
  • Participation in the Global Leader program or its stand-alone modules provides new Aalto MBA participants with greater flexibility in the timing of their studies.
  • Studying in the Global Leader program gives participants a chance to practice their learning skills or brush up finance-related or other knowledge before starting in the faster-paced Aalto MBA program.

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Aalto Health MBA

Aalto Health MBA program consists of two parts: first the Johtaminen terveydenhuollossa (Healthcare Management Education Program) and second the Aalto MBA program. The Johtaminen terveydenhuollossa program is worth 18 ECTS credits, all of which are transferable to the Aalto MBA program. The same is compensated in the tuition fee.

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