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With over 50 years of experience, Aalto EE develops world-class competence development solutions that utilize Aalto University's multidisciplinary faculty and approach. We assist our customers in developing and carrying out strategic transformation. We co-create with organizations' impactful and inspirational training solutions and help our customers to address current and future business challenges.

Customized Solutions

Our carefully selected, participatory, and customized learning methods ensure lasting results. Our extensive global faculty network guarantees that our customers always have the brightest minds and the latest research at their disposal. We provide organizations with up-to-date knowledge and skills in leadership and leadership development. Our jointly created and designed solutions are based on solid expertise, customer insight, concrete action, and an experimental approach.

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Adjustment and Lay-off Situations

Adjustment situations underline the importance of employer responsibility. They impact the entire organization, and a well-planned Change Security scheme helps dismissed employees to find new employment as quickly as possible. When the change is handled smoothly, the dismissed employees and the organization find it easier to look ahead. Downsizing does not only impact the employees leaving the organization but also supervisors, HR management, union representatives, and the remaining staff, who also need support in the situation. Lay-offs affect the entire workplace, and it is critical for those leaving and those remaining to handle it humanly and appropriately.

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Recruitment Training Programs

What skills will be needed in the future workplace? How will we respond to the challenges brought along by digitalization? How can companies support lifelong learning? Talent and continuous upskilling are key factors in sustainable growth, and you can’t grow your business without competent personnel. Our recruitment training programs support your organization when finding skilled workers.

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Globally Renowned

Aalto EE ranked 34th globally in the Financial Times Executive Education overall ranking in 2022 and is therefore within the top one percent of executive education providers in the world. The ranking assures our customers of the world-class quality of our program content, methods, and faculty.

Open enrollment and customized programs are ranked separately in the FT Executive Education ranking. The overall listing is based on the total rating achieved in these two categories. The Financial Times only ranks the top 50 executive education providers. Altogether, some 4,000 institutions offer executive education and MBA programs globally.

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