Enabling Lifewide Learning

Aalto University Lifewide Learning offers inclusive, easily approachable topics and learning contents that bring together Aalto University’s bachelor and master’s students with individuals interested in lifewide learning opportunities both online and on-site. We enable renewal by helping individuals design their personal learning paths, and customer organizations to provide lifelong learning opportunities for their personnel and networks. 


Programs offer low-threshold learning opportunities for working professionals who are looking for contents that are easily applicable to their work. Our unique training solutions are built on Aalto University’s degree studies, adding to them tailored modules and workshops for wider lifewide learning audiences.

Our Impact

We are first and foremost driven by the impact we can have through our programs – on participants, their organizations, the academic community, and society at large.


You will benefit from programs that have an impact on your work, on you as an expert, on your thinking, and on the organization you are part of. You will broaden your horizons, expand your knowledge, and learn to detect the potential in yourself and the people around you.