Ethical Channel Is a Tool to Report Misconduct

Aalto EE’s ethical channel is for notifying about illegalities or misconduct appearing in the operations of Aalto EE. We encourage people to send notifications of misconduct in their own name. However, the ethical channel may also be used anonymously. Aalto EE is committed to ensuring the information security of the reports and to seeing that they are processed with care. All reports submitted in good faith will be investigated, and any necessary measures arising from them will be undertaken. 

Aalto EE’s ethical channel is the internal, confidential reporting channel required by whistleblowing regulations. Aalto EE uses a secure WhistleB reporting tool that is also used by Aalto University.

What is a misconduct to be reported through the ethical channel? 

Misconduct, as referred to in the Whistleblower Act

Examples of activities that may be reported through the ethical channel: 

  • Financial misconduct, such as illegalities in public procurement or financial services, breaches concerning financial support and assistance, breaches of tax law, and fraud and corruption,
  • Breaches relating to EU competition law and State aid rules,
  • Suspicion of bribes given or received, 
  • Endangering consumer protection and food safety,
  • Environmental crimes, such as endangering the safety of chemicals, nuclear safety or radiation protection, and 
  • Serious breaches of information security or data protection. 

These kinds of misconduct may be reported when observed in connection with one’s work. The person reporting may receive whistleblower protection as defined in the whistleblower act. The ethical channel supplements Aalto EE’s already existing practices for reporting.

Aalto EE's Ethical Channel

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