Five Tips - How to Get Most Out of Online Studies

An online course allows you to set your own study schedule, work at your own pace, and learn from the comfort of your favorite couch or coffee shop. However, if you want to learn to study online, you have to set boundaries, limits, and goals for yourself. There is nobody to rap your knuckles with a ruler if you don’t meet your objectives for the day.


We have collected five study tips for you to prepare yourself for self-directed learning and to keep your study habits on track for maximum knowledge absorption and retention.

1. Identify your learning objectives and goals

To stay on track with your online course, make sure that you always keep in mind what you hope to accomplish by the end of it. The learning objectives and goals can be an excellent road map during online learning; read carefully your online course requirements and make sure that you review them thoroughly every time you start a task, so that you stay focused on your goals.

2. Build a study plan

Feel free to create a study routine at your own comfortable pace. Additionally, choose the right time of day for online studying and learning. Perhaps you learn best when you review materials in the morning, right before work, or perhaps you’re a night owl.

3. Have a dedicated study space

Whether you decide to study in your office or in your living room, ensure that this place is distraction-free. Ask your friends, relatives, and colleagues to respect your study time and consider turning off your phone and logging off of all social networks when studying.

4. Actively take notes

Taking notes can promote active thinking, boost understanding, and extend your attention timespan. It’s a good strategy to digest knowledge whether you’re learning online or in the classroom. So, grab a notebook or find an app that works best for you and start combining key points.

5. Make your learning stick

To ensure your newly learned knowledge and skills stick with you, it’s important to repeatedly practice skills, apply knowledge in different contexts, and reflect on what you have learned, especially as you practice and apply in new settings.

Follow these study tips and you will be able to make your online learning a fun and enjoyable experience. Read more about our online courses.

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