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Lean Six Sigma Certified Green Belt

Program for Team Leaders

Become a Certified Green Belt and a qualified Lean Six Sigma Team Leader. Learn to implement systematic problem-solving projects using DMAIC methodology (define-measure-analyze-improve-control).

The Lean Six Sigma Certified Green Belt program covers all the core tools and methods in the Green Belt syllabus and allows you to practice their application. The training is based on the systematic DMAIC problem-solving process (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) and its techniques. You will learn how to define improvement projects, improve process performance, master key tools and methods of analysis, learn change management, and inspire the team to continuous improvement.

The training is scheduled to support the implementation of a personal development project defined by corporate management. An experienced holder of the Master Black Belt or Black Belt will provide support for your Green Belt project during the training and provides remote support even between modules.

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Learn to implement systematic problem-solving projects using DMAIC methodology
Master the LSS approach, how to use its tools and methods, and how to apply them to practical situations
Become a qualified LSS Team Leader
Acquire your Green Belt certificate


This program is aimed at anyone who wants to become a certified Green Belt Team Leader and whose tasks include the implementation of systematic problem-solving projects.

Contents and Schedule

The program held in English consists of:

  • 8 days of training (onsite and online) and an E-learning module

  • Development project of your organization with immediate value for the company  

  • Green Belt Certificate

  • Training materials in English

  • Data analysis exercises with the Minitab statistical program

  • Final exam


After successfully completing the training modules, personal development project and final exam, you will be awarded the prestigious Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certificate. Aalto EE's Green Belt training meets the international American Society of Quality (ASQ) Body of Knowledge requirements.


No prior knowledge of LSS methods is required. You must bring your own laptop with the latest version of Minitab (version 21) installed for data analysis. If necessary, we will advise you on how to purchase the program. There's a free 30-day trial available to get you started.



Mika Koivisto

Mika  Koivisto is a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, CEO and Partner at Nordic Business Improvement Oy. He has acted full time with Lean Six Sigma from 1999 and onwards. Koivisto has lead projects, supported thousands of improvement initiatives, provided trainings, and been responsible for global organizations' Lean and Six Sigma deployment.

Since establishing his own company in 2009, Koivisto has been providing training in his areas of core expertise: statistical methods, Design for Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma. He has profound knowledge of development methods and can apply them to a diverse range of practical processes and situations. Koivisto is highly esteemed for his expertise and productive, practical approach.

Mika Koivisto completed his Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training in 1999 and became a certified Master Black Belt on Nokia's first MBB course in 2000.

Risto Lintula

Risto Lintula is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and Partner at Nordic Process Improvement. He is specialized in management systems and change programs. Lintula has experience in supporting various fields of business for over 30 years in Opex and Lean deployment, improving customer driver value chains and flow systems.

Lintula is a result-oriented developer, facilitator, and corporate sparring partner. Since 2006, he has been working as a consultant, trainer and adviser, and on Boards of Directors. His particular areas of expertise are strategic development, business development and fruitful implementation, Lean and Six Sigma applications, analytical problem-solving methods, processes, and management systems.

Lintula has degrees from Helsinki University of Technology and Leeds Business School. He completed his Master Of Quality in 1994 and Lean Six Sigma BB in 2006.

Toni Puhakka

Toni Puhakka is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, and Senior Adviser at Nordic Process Improvement. His speciality areas are Design for Six Sigma and LSS coaching to achieve considerable savings and benefits. Puhakka has close to 20 years of experience in LSS from the global business environment.

Since 2016, Puhakka has worked as a trainer and consultant at Nordic Process Improvement in Lean Six Sigma and Design for Six Sigma training and coaching programs, and as a project manager and mentor for project leaders in various business areas. Prior to his current role, he has spent more than 14 years in R&D and manufacturing process development across a wide range of business areas.

Puhakka holds a Master of Science degree in Technology. He received his Lean Six Sigma Black Belt qualification in 2015 and a Design For Six Sigma education in 2010.

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