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Myynnin johtaminen

Customer Value as a Sales Driver – Identify, Model, Use, and Develop

Business profitability can be achieved in many ways, but growth only comes from successful sales. What creates sales success and how do you improve it?

The Myynnin johtaminen (Leading Sales) program helps you understand the central aspects of successful B2B sales, as well as customer purchasing behavior in changing times where value, not price, is the decisive factor. Success in customer relationships requires a good understanding of the customers’ goals, challenges, and businesses, and using them to offer the right solutions. 

Researched knowledge and utilizing result-based tools and methods

In the program, you will learn how to identify, appraise, and model the value that your company brings to customers – as well as sales success – to improve your customers’ businesses. The program helps you understand how purchasing decisions are made, and how to create an impact by showcasing the value that you bring to customers.

  • You will receive a clear, concrete, and detailed understanding of the business benefits brought forth by value-based sales.
  • You will be coached in developing methods and tools for leading and implementing customer-driven value-based sales.
  • You will create a plan for implementing value-based sales.

Please note that this program is held in Finnish.

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April 3, 2025


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The program gives you a concrete and detailed understanding of the business benefits brought forth by value-based sales. During the program, you will be instructed in developing methods and tools for leading and implementing customer-driven value-based sales. Placing value at the heart of sales requires competence and a change in the sales culture (from comparisons to long-term collaboration), in leading sales (integrating the sales funnel approach to your customers’ results), and implementing sales (moving from price and feature-based sales to sales based on the value brought to customers).

Learn how to utilize digital management and implementation tools
Understand what influences your customers’ decision making, criteria and processes
Adopt the central principles, process, and tools of value-based sales
Learn how to define, model, appraise, and showcase value to your customers


This program is aimed at individuals in charge of leading and developing sales.

The program is best suited for leaders in B2B sales: sales managers, sales directors, and people aspiring to take on these roles.

Contents and Schedule

The program includes three workshops (4 days), a self-paced online course, and practical exercises. To prepare for the workshops, participants read articles related to the theme. Learning is supported by a learning environment and the program’s impact is enhanced with echo team discussion in each participant’s own organization. Part of the workshops are carried out live online and part onsite.

The workshops cover the following themes:

  1. Setting the scene - The ”big picture” of value-based selling and sales management
  2. Fundamentals of Value-based selling
  3. The ”outside-in” value proposition development method
  4. Proactive and systematic value-based selling
  5. Managing sales quality & quantity
  6. Building a sales management system
  7. Building a management system for value-based sales

The program’s themes have a solid theoretical foundation, which is enforced for example through articles. The workshops are highly interactive events that are built on discussions and group exercises, during which participants learn from both instructors and each other as they work together. Various different procedures, mindsets, and beliefs are analyzed and reflected on together. This fosters new insights and enables change. Participants will also learn from companies sharing their experiences regarding value-based sales. 

A participant’s comment from a previous program: “The instructor’s clear communication and logical way of expressing things made this training interesting and easy to follow. The ample study material allowed me to deepen my learning – and the assignments before class were a valuable addition to the experience. The program gave a very thorough outlook on the topic, which the excellent customer cases from Siemens and Valmet supplemented nicely.”



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