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Tehokas hallitustyö finanssialalla

for members of the Board of Directors

The particular task of the Board of Directors of a financial sector company is to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the company's internal control, audit, and risk management systems. The Board of Directors must also be able to utilize the work of the company's independent control functions as efficiently as possible. Success in this responsible and essential role requires exceptional, increasingly diverse, and ever-changing expertise.
Tehokas hallitustyö finanssialalla training program for members of the Board of Directors develops the participant's ability to act in a financial company's Board of Directors from the risk management perspective. During the training, you will become familiar with the unique features of the financial sector, reasonable governance requirements, and the supervision of the industry. The training provides tools for evaluating and developing independent supervisory functions, the activities of the Board of Directors, and their cooperation. The program gives you the tools to build the organization's overall risk management.
From the risk management perspective, digital services and cyber risks are increasingly important topics that the board member should also be aware of. Geopolitical risks have come closer and closer to the everyday life of the work of the company's board, as have the themes of Know Your Customer and preventing terrorism. The responsible financial sector is affected by ESG risks and reporting requirements. They are a special area of expertise, which is required by the responsibility of the Board of Directors. Adequacy of internal liquidity and risk and solvency assessments with assessment procedures challenge the competence of the boards of financial companies.

Note that this program is held in Finnish.

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October 3, 2024

You will develop your ability to act as a new member of the board of a financial company or upgrade your skills to meet the latest requirements of board work.

You will talk with our instructors, who are among the brightest in their field.

You will have an excellent opportunity to network with other board of directors.


Through training, you will develop your ability to act on the board of a financial sector company, especially from the perspective of risk management. You know the responsibilities of a board member and get practical tools to succeed in board work. You will get an overview of the overall risk management of the financial sector and the specifics of the industry, and you will be able to evaluate and develop the company's risk management based on the latest information.


The program is designed for individuals who serve on the boards of financial companies or are towards board responsibility.

The program is also suitable for people who want to familiarise themselves with the themes of the topic, for example, from the perspective of a risk management function, internal audit, or compliance function.

Contents and Schedule

The program consists of interactive lectures, case work, and facilitating discussions with experienced instructors.

The training days provide an excellent opportunity for discussion and networking with other participants and instructors.


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