The most successful ones never stop learning

Where does success come from? It is born out of curiosity and an unquenchable desire to evolve, as the world is changing faster than ever. It comes from the enthusiasm to constantly build better, from the desire to keep going. The most successful ones never stop learning, and this is where the secret of success lies. We are immensely proud to develop current and future leaders and professionals. 

We at Aalto University Executive Education and Professional Development (Aalto EE) believe in lifewide learning because none of us is ever ready. We want to create an inspiring, forward-looking, and valuable environment for our customers to develop and become even better than before. We now offer all education, development, and training services for current and future leaders and professionals under one name and logo as an integral part of Aalto University.  

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Are you thinking about your career path and the next step forward? Are you wondering how to ensure your organization's competence also in the future?

You are not alone; the benefits and opportunities of executive education and professional development have been recognized and evaluated higher than ever.  


Studies bring different angles, lenses, and perspectives. Different disciplines provide unique approaches to an issue. Continuous learning gives a broad ability to analyze situations and make decisions.” 

Jussi-Pekka Erkkola, Aalto EMBA alumnus

Aalto EE offers impactful education, development, and training services for business management and professionals. We combine a wide range of practical expertise with the latest research from Aalto University.

We aim to provide a sustainable platform for lifewide learning at different stages of one’s career and operate as a strategic partner for organizations, enabling renewal in a rapidly changing business environment. Our unique portfolio of programs offers concrete solutions, intellectual capital, and professional head start for both individuals and organizations. 

Aalto Leaders' Insight Magazine

Aalto Leaders' Insight is a library of insights on leadership, the future of work, and transformation. In the latest volume, we discuss intuition as a part of leadership, how emotions can either become a destroyer or enabler in the organization, whether ESG is just a vague sales term, why top-down leadership is outdated, and what are the requirements for leadership now and in the future.

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Aalto Leaders' Insight Vol 11


Aalto Leaders' Insight is a library of insights on leadership, working life, and upskilling. In the latest volume of the magazine, we discuss intuition’s role in business and leadership, the divisive and constructive power of emotions in working life, ESG’s role as a world saver or just as a vague sales term, and why hierarchic leadership is outdated, and what today’s professionals and experts demand from leaders and leadership. 

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