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Information Visualization Hands-On

Impact and Clarity with Data

We are increasingly confronted with vast amounts of data that we need to understand. Visual cues that we need to decipher surround us.

The Information Visualization Hands-On program is the next step from the Information Visualization online course. The Information Visualization online course familiarizes you with the must-know, should-know, and nice-to-know when visualizing information. You will get a concise understanding of what information visualization is, why it is needed, and how to get started. The hands-on training continues from the lessons learned during the online course with an instructor and a peer feedback loop.

To take part in and benefit from the Information Visualization hands-on program, you must first complete the Information Visualization online course. You should also have chosen your own visualization project, which you will focus on during the hands-on training. You will study and share your lessons learned with your peers and meet the faculty for expert feedback.

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Immerse yourself in developing your own visualization project with support from peers and theme experts

Get inspired and motivated to pursue your own chosen path in information visualization


The program enables you to link the theoretical background with your own practical projects in the workplace. You may like to work on one extensive project, developing and pivoting it along the way, or prepare a set of visualization templates that you can employ in your organization every day.

Get motivated to pursue your chosen path
Acquire practice in doing visualizations for your needs
Find relevant examples for learning and inspiration
Increase your knowledge of different methods and tools and understand where and how to apply them
Learn what skills are needed to use the methods


The program is designed for those who want a concise overview of what information visualization is all about and want to do a practical project as well as receive expert feedback. It focuses on making quantitative data understandable and usable. You will understand and learn to decipher visualizations and what is behind them and learn to do visualizations of your own. You may work in BI, research, development, marketing, communications, design, and so on.

The program is for you if you

  • need to make statistics live and compelling,
  • have the task of making research results intelligible for investors or the public,
  • need to make sense of complex data for your customers or other stakeholders,
  • are aiming to recognize and highlight anomalies in large amounts of data, or
  • are trying to get your message through and accepted, but the data is vast and fuzzy.

Contents and Schedule

The program deepens your knowledge and skills on the topics you studied during the Information Visualization online course. You will be working on a project you bring from your own organization to develop and pivot along the way. Alternatively, you may like to construct some templates that you can later use in your everyday work for your most common needs.

Before starting the hands-on program, you are expected to complete the Information Visualization online course. It will give you the theoretical background to the topic. In the hands-on program, your own visualization project will be in focus. You will be learning and sharing with your peers and meet the faculty for expert feedback.

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Information Visualization Online Course

Completing or revisiting the Information Visualization online course (to be purchased separately)

Project Work

Working on your own visualization project

Joint Webinars and Workshops

Studying and assessing practical examples, pitching your own project



Tomi Kauppinen

Tomi Kauppinen is the head of Aalto Online Learning at Aalto University. His background is in media technology and computer science. He aspires to bring an entrepreneurial mindset and lean and agile creativity to all his projects and teaching.

Tomi Kauppinen is Head of Aalto Online Learning at Aalto University. He holds a habilitation (2014) in geoinformatics from the University of Muenster in Germany and the title of docent (2014), a Ph.D. (2010) in media technology from Aalto University, and an M.Sc. (2004) in computer science from the University of Helsinki. Kauppinen's passion is to create, study, and teach information visualization, spatial thinking, cognitive systems/artificial intelligence, and blended learning design. Since 2016, he has led the Aalto University-wide strategic development initiative, Aalto Online Learning, which covers activities ranging from blended learning to fully online textbooks and exercises, from video production to online social interaction, from artificial intelligence-based recommendations and assessment to interactive visual simulations, and from augmented/virtual reality to games and gamification. With his background in startups before a calling to academia, he aspires to bring an entrepreneurial mindset and lean and agile creativity to all his projects and teaching.

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