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Urban Mobility Changemaker

Facilitating Change for Future Urban Mobility

EIT Urban Mobility, Aalto University Lifewide Learning , KTH Stockholm, TU Eindhoven, Digital hub Mobility/UnternehmerTUM, and Mobilise – Vreije Universiteit Brussels are calling for urban mobility, transport, and urban planning professionals looking to make a change in future sustainable mobility planning. The Urban Mobility Changemaker seeks to empower urban mobility professionals for a transition towards sustainable urban mobility.

The Urban Mobility Changemaker is an event series consisting of workshops, a bootcamp, online lectures, and a podcast for urban mobility and transport planning professionals. The activities are organized by Aalto University Lifewide Learning , KTH Stockholm, TU Eindhoven, Digital hub Mobility/UnternehmerTUM, and Mobilise – Vreije Universiteit Brussels in cooperation with EIT Urban Mobility Academy. The core contents of this professional development program lie in understanding and facilitating organizational change and developing a collective understanding for (retro-)fitting public authorities and private actors to facilitate sustainable future mobility in different societal and geographic contexts.

The events offer theory and hands-on content for urban mobility executives and professionals, as well as specialists, researchers, decision-makers, planning officials, and representatives from NGOs, local authorities, and policy groups.

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November 22, 2022


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Listen to the Urban Mobility Changemakers podcast

The podcast series is part of The Urban Mobility Change Maker Program, organized in 2021 and realized with the support of EIT Mobility, co-funded by the European Union. It is produced in cooperation between Aalto University Executive Education (Helsinki), KTH Stockholm, Eindhoven University of Technology, and The Digital Mobility Hub at UnternehmerTUM (Munich).

In the podcast, we seek to empower urban mobility professionals for a transition toward sustainable urban mobility!

Listen to the Urban Mobility Changemakers Podcast here:

Contents and Schedule

The Bootcamp focuses on the transition towards zero-emission mobility, addressing mobility and logistics. During the two days, we will investigate how our cities can cope with the challenge of reducing carbon emissions and improving the well-being of their residents. We will investigate tools that support a just transition, such as impact evaluation, co-creation, and inclusive design.

The Bootcamp consists of inspiring lectures, discussions, challenges, co-creation sessions, and an excursion and brings together actors from transport, mobility, traffic and urban planning, public sector authorities, decision-making, service providers, and academia. A series of lectures, discussions, and workshops from renowned academics and practitioners will explore how the 8As of transition conceived by Prof. Cathy Macharis can help policy-makers, transport and logistics operators, citizen organizations, and the people living in cities themselves to improve mobility in our cities. One of the questions that will be addressed during the Bootcamp hosted by Footprint and Digital Hub Mobility is How might we accelerate carbon reduction through collaboration? 

The Urban Mobility Bootcamp is targeted at professionals such as policymakers, public transport operators, private mobility operators, public sector representatives, EU employees, students (Master/PhD), and everyone else working in the field of urban mobility and logistics. 

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