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Board of Directors

Advanced Strategy Program for Executives and Board Professionals

Board of Directors is a high-level program with a truly global and strategic perspective for executives, board members, and future board members.

The program will develop executives' and board members' abilities to evaluate a company's strategy in a constantly changing business environment. The focus is on cultivating strategic acumen in the boardroom and strengthening the board’s capability to direct the company. Participation in the program enhances your ability to drive organizational success as a board member and make your personal board performance more effective. 

The Board of Directors program provides you with a view of the global economy, current trends and their impact on organizations, and how strategies are built. Tools are provided for assessing an organization's strategy from a board and executive perspective, together with new insights on building a board with dynamics that will facilitate smart decision-making.

After the program, you have enhanced your ability to

  • contribute to the success of your organization as a board member,

  • assess the strategy of the organization,

  • understand and contribute to the dynamics of the board positively to make the best possible decisions as a board and

  • support the CEO and the executive board.

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June 12, 2024

The program has received excellent customer feedback. The overall impression of the program is 5.2 / 6.0.

The ability to act as a strategic board member' was rated as the key competence developed during the program.

Three module days supported by follow-up sessions offer an effective 6-month process for impactful learning.

Key Take-aways from the Program

“Much better understanding of where boards are today and the requirements of the members.”

“Approaches to strategy work and value creation.”

“Board governance, what should be on the board agenda and where to focus.”

“Very good insights on roles of board work and the role of boards.”

“Global corporate governance trends.”

“Understanding boardroom mindset and dynamics.”

“The importance and insight into the functioning of the board and its diversity.”

“Helped to understand executive vs board roles, which is helpful in interaction with the board and valuable for future board positions.”


The Board of Directors program offers ways for board professionals and top-level executives to develop a global mindset to sense and interpret transformation in the global economy. It strengthens your strategic view on capturing competitive advantage and sustainable value in the constantly changing business environment and the ability to direct company strategy. The program supports company performance when developing more effective board dynamics and cultivating participants’ global and agile mindset.

Strategic Insight: A comprehensive understanding of the global economy, emerging trends, and their implications on organizational strategies
Global Mindset: New frameworks and perspectives to develop a truly global mindset, essential for navigating the complexities of the business landscape
Board Performance: Tools to give high performance on the board you serve on or when working closely with the board

"The most important job of the board of directors is to create value for their organization and help managers in making better decisions."

What do You need to know as a new board member? Professor Pedro Parada shares his advice.

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The Board of Directors program is designed for people with experience in, or aspirations towards, working on a board as well as for executives working closely with the board.

  • Board members in publicly held and privately owned companies seeking growth
  • Executives preparing to serve on a board
  • Executives working closely with boards

Contents and Schedule

The Board of Directors program seamlessly blends the latest academic knowledge on effective board work with the everyday challenges senior executives face, ensuring the relevance and applicability of your learning.

The program consists of interactive lectures, practical case workshops, and discussions facilitated by top faculty familiar with the latest research and business. The follow-up sessions will build on the topics and frameworks provided during the contact days to deepen the impact of the learning and to offer a network of peers to test your thoughts, learn from the experiences of others, and develop as a board member.



Pedro Parada Balderrama

Pedro Parada is a Senior Affiliate Professor of Strategy and International Business at Católica Lisbon.

Parada has been researching and teaching strategy for 25 years. Before starting in his current role in Lisbon, he worked for years at Esade Business School in Barcelona and Georgetown University in Washington DC. Moreover, he has been training board members in both Madrid and Helsinki, and he is one of the instructors in Aalto University Executive Education’s (Aalto EE) Board of Directors program.

Dr. Parada has taught as Visiting Professor at HEC School of Management in Paris and SDA Bocconi in Milan for several years. In addition, he has coordinated and taught courses within the International Electives offered by Babson College. Dr. Parada has also taught for and collaborated with private companies in a wide variety of industries. He has written articles, case studies, and book chapters in English, Spanish, Catalan, French, German, Chinese, and Portuguese.

Pedro Parada holds a Ph.D. in Management, a Master's in Public Policy and Management, and an undergraduate degree in Economics.

Patrick Furu

Dr. Patrick Furu works as a Director at Aalto EE. He is also an Adjunct Professor of Management at Hult International Business School.

He has 20 years of experience in consultancy and executive education for management concerning strategies, change processes, and competence development.

He has worked with many large companies, such as Aviva, Cargotec, Ericsson, Fortum, NCC, Nokia, Nordea, Pfizer, SEB, Skanska, Telia, and UPM. Patrick has board work experience in SMEs. His past activities include top management group experience in the IT industry.

Patrick’s research has centred on strategic knowledge creation and sharing in multinational companies, the role of the board of directors in medium-sized companies, and leadership models and processes in improvising jazz bands and classical music ensembles. At Aalto EE, Patrick covers topics such as strategy creation and execution, the interface between leadership and strategy, managing complexity, agile organizational forms, digital leadership, and high-performing teams and collective competence.

Matti Suominen

Matti Suominen is Professor of Finance at Aalto University School of Business.

Suominen specializes in information economics in financial markets, market microstructure and corporate finance.

Suominen has previously worked as a consultant at the European Corporate Finance Practice of McKinsey & Co. and as a Chief Dealer in the Options and Futures Markets in Finland. From 1997 until 2006 he was in the full-time faculty at INSEAD, working first as an Assistant Professor and later as an Associate Professor of Finance. Although already also at the Aalto University, between 2006 and 2015 he has continued to work with INSEAD as an Adjunct Professor of Finance or as a Visiting Professor of Finance.  

Suominen is actively involved in management consulting for financial institutions and executive education. He has taught in the MBA, PhD, and executive education programs. He has also taught in several company specific programs worldwide.  

Matti Suominen did his PhD in Financial Economics in 1997 at the University of Pennsylvania, where he has also worked as a Visiting Associate Professor at Wharton.

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