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AaltoJOKO® is the leading management training program in Finland, combining scientific knowledge with solid practicality. In the philosophy underpinning the AaltoJOKO® program, the success of companies and communities is based on strategic knowledge and networks, as well as skilled and inspiring managers.

The AaltoJOKO® program offers both fall and spring commencement options—the program content will be the same for all participants. In the fall term, the emphasis is on the renewal of personal management and leadership, and in the spring term, on company strategic management in a changing business environment.

The two annual starting times also allow you to benefit from double the number of networking contacts. For example, the AaltoJOKO® group which starts in the fall will study together with the group that started the previous spring. Study tour, which takes place every year in January, is common to all the JOKO programs. You can participate in the Study tour when it best fits you and your organization.

4.5 ECTS credits can be transferred from this program to the Aalto Executive MBA or the Aalto MBA program.

Please note that this program is held in Finnish.

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March 11, 2024


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Step away from the hectic everyday work and discover new perspectives and methods for business and executive development

Immerse yourself in strategic leadership with our top experts, and network with executive colleagues across industry boundaries

Get inspired, get excited, and connect with other JOKO program participants on a Study Tour abroad


The AaltoJOKO® program equips you with concrete tools for change management and strategy implementation. During the program, you will expand your leadership perspective and understanding, become more self-aware and develop your own personal influencing style. Your organization will have access to new, actionable strategy perspectives from different sectors for business renewal and performance management.

Form networks, share experiences and spar with your peers who are seasoned executives across industry boundaries—even after the program, thanks to the alumni network
Get equipped with concrete tools for change management and strategy implementation
Expand your leadership perspective and understanding
Learn new perspectives and models for business renewal
Become more self-aware and develop your personal influencing style


AaltoJOKO® is designed for experienced managers and experts working in demanding positions who require new perspectives and tools in order to strategically develop their organizations and renew their own leadership style.

The program participants come from businesses in multiple industries and from public sector organizations and communities. They work in demanding management or expert positions.

Contents and Schedule

The AaltoJOKO® program consists of eight face-to-face modules and two Live Case exercises. The interactive face-to-face modules are 2-3 days long, focused on selected topics led by experienced coaches. Live Case training lasts about 2 months, a period during which learning takes place in practice — through experimentation and exercises.

The AaltoJOKO® group which starts in September will finalize its studies in May. During the fall season, they study together with the previous group that started in February, and in the spring season, they will join forces with the group that starts in February.

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