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Analytiikka ja datastrategiat

Develop Business with Data and Analytics

Analyzing data and making data-driven decisions are vital for any organization, from traditional sectors to new businesses. The key issue is how existing, continuously growing data masses can be harnessed for actionable insights.

New technologies are enabling the usage of data-driven business models for all companies. More and more new business models are being built on the more efficient use of data. Data and its analysis are also the keys to the development of existing business activities.

The Analytiikka ja datastrategiat (Analytics and Data Strategies) program provides a comprehensive and strategic perspective on modern analytics and its use cases. After the program, you will understand how to create a compelling data-driven strategy for your organization and utilize your data effectively for business decisions. You will also learn the role of analytics in better decision-making and what is needed for excellent analytics. In addition, you will gain practical tips for visualizing data and improving data quality.

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November 18, 2024


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After the program, you are able to identify, build and organize data and analytics for better business performance. You will also understand what executives can expect to gain from business data and learn how to identify the requirements for implementing a data-driven business environment and culture.

Understand the key concepts and methods of data and analytics
Gain know-how to solve the challenges with data analytics
Understand the role of data visualization for better decision-making


The program is designed for people who want to lead and develop business and make better decisions with data.

It is suitable for business directors, development managers, digital managers, strategy managers, CFOs and CIOs.

Contents and Schedule

The program dives into the role of data and analytics in business, knowledge-based management, and strategy, as well as data visualization. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the topic and hear practical examples about the usage of data and analytics in business.


The program lasts three days, and it consists of the lectures, Essentials of Data and Analytics online course, short pre-assignments, and group work during the training days.



Kari Hiekkanen

Kari Hiekkanen is a Research Fellow at the Department of Computer Science at Aalto University. He has extensive experience in various IT management and leadership roles in R&D and management consulting.

Hiekkanen has over 20 years of experience combining IT and strategy in various industries. He has a solid knowledge of IT management practices, enterprise architecture, and IT governance both as a practitioner and educator. Hiekkanen's research interests include the industrial Internet and the digitalization of Industries. He is an expert on machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence.

Eeva Vilkkumaa

Eeva Vilkkumaa is an Assistant Professor of Management Science in the Department of Information and Service Economy at Aalto University.

Professor Vilkkumaa is an expert in modeling uncertainties and developing mathematical models to support decision making and resource allocation at companies and public organizations.

Tomi Kauppinen

Tomi Kauppinen is the head of Aalto Online Learning at Aalto University. His background is in media technology and computer science. He aspires to bring an entrepreneurial mindset and lean and agile creativity to all his projects and teaching.

Tomi Kauppinen is Head of Aalto Online Learning at Aalto University. He holds a habilitation (2014) in geoinformatics from the University of Muenster in Germany and the title of docent (2014), a Ph.D. (2010) in media technology from Aalto University, and an M.Sc. (2004) in computer science from the University of Helsinki. Kauppinen's passion is to create, study, and teach information visualization, spatial thinking, cognitive systems/artificial intelligence, and blended learning design. Since 2016, he has led the Aalto University-wide strategic development initiative, Aalto Online Learning, which covers activities ranging from blended learning to fully online textbooks and exercises, from video production to online social interaction, from artificial intelligence-based recommendations and assessment to interactive visual simulations, and from augmented/virtual reality to games and gamification. With his background in startups before a calling to academia, he aspires to bring an entrepreneurial mindset and lean and agile creativity to all his projects and teaching.

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