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Hoshin Kanri – Lean training for management

Lean is a management philosophy that requires the application of lean principles, especially in management processes and in managing duties. Without clear goal setting and leadership, lean easily ends up being just tinkering with different techniques without any significant results. Utilizing Lean requires perseverance in directing the company culture towards developing and continuously improving its expertise.

Hoshin Kanri is a method for implementing the strategy. Hoshin Kanri can be used to focus the company’s projects on key competitive factors and strategic goals. The Hoshin process strengthens communication between organizations, helps to commit to common goals, and creates a clear model for managing development work and change. The implementation of the Hoshin process does not require participants to have previous lean experience.

The training day gives managers an understanding of lean management principles and techniques and their practical application. After the day’s training , the participants have the capability to begin developing and testing lean management methods in their own organization.

The training is carried out as a company-specific or consortium-type workshop.

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Achieve the capabilities to develop and test lean management methods in your own organization
Learn the best techniques for strategy implementation, change management and day-to-day management
Understand the principles of lean management


The training program is designed for company management and executive teams.

The program is industry independent: it is suitable for organizations operating in production, services and public administration.

Contents and Schedule

The training program covers the basics of lean management, the principles of day-to-day management and change management. The program places a particular focus on the Hoshin Kanri method used in strategy implementation, as well as the lean techniques used in the management of a change project.

The training includes discussions, examples and joint reflections. It can also be implemented as an organization-specific workshop.

The training is carried out as a company-specific or consortium-type workshop.

Core themes

  • Lean Management Philosophy
  • Key lean principles
  • Lean management
  • Hoshin Kanri – Strategy implementation
  • Practical implementation of the Hoshin process
  • Day-to-day management of different operations
  • Problem solving as part of day-to-day management

More information

Hoshin Kanri – Lean training for management is carried out as a company-specific or consortium-type workshop.