Sustainability - We Don't Have a Choice

Louise Kofod Thomsen, Sustainability Practitioner says that companies are having to promote sustainability more quickly than they might be ready to do. “This requires a very quick mindset change." Living in Copenhagen, and an entrepreneur herself, she knows that if companies do not handle sustainability issues properly, they will miss out on the best of the younger generation when recruiting.

Sustainability - We Don't Have a Choice

How to Keep Up with the AI Development? Krista Jäntti Shares Her Tips

Krista Jäntti who works with artificial intelligence follows the news daily, tests new tools as soon as they're launched, and attends courses and events.

How to Keep Up with the AI Development? Krista Jäntti Shares Her Tips

Leader – Learn These Things from Jazz Musicians

When the world is changing rapidly, companies need the same agility and radical adaptability as jazz bands. That's why Patrick Furu teaches jazz strategy at Aalto EE.

Leader – Learn These Things from Jazz Musicians

Aalto leader's insight

From Boss to Servant Leader – Why Putting People First Pays Off?

Another new invoicing program, a new organizational model, suddenly, the old production process isn’t good enough anymore. It's exasperating when nothing stays the same. This is a good time for a leadership style that creates a sense of security and helps employees adapt to new things. Journalist Annukka Oksanen asked researchers why today's leaders should serve their subordinates.

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Leaders, Focus on the Future - Embracing the 2090s

In the industrial age, humans were often relegated to robotic tasks. Now, as actual robots enter the workforce, it’s time to reassess what it means to be human and rediscover our unique strengths, suggests futurist Sari Stenfors.
article-icon Article | Finance

5 Reasons Why Every Leader Must Master Financial Fundamentals

Understanding the financial underpinnings of a business isn't just about crunching numbers; it's about gaining insights into the economic backbone that sustains companies. Professors Matti Suominen and Petri Jylhä and Senior University Lecturer David Derichs explain why mastering core financial concepts is indispensable for each leader.

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