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IT Service Management in the Age of AI

How AI impacts IT service management? We had Satu Tano, Director, Lifecycle Services, Solita, as our webinar guest speaker to discuss AI and IT service management.




In the third It's FrA!day webinar, we had Satu Tano, Director, Lifecycle Services, Solita, as our guest speaker. 

Digitalization, cloudification, platform development, and AI continue to change the business and IT landscape. What are the impacts on IT service management, and how can it adapt to continuous changes? How to ensure relevancy and resiliency? The webinar includes case examples of how companies have started their change. 

The Diploma in IT Leadership program will explore business and IT strategy coordination, ICT management, portfolio management, and customer-oriented service production. The program will cover the entire business and IT value chain. You will become familiar with the IT challenges of today on a broad and tangible basis, through examples from various sectors. During the program, you will develop ICT management practices and your own leadership. Through the program, you will understand the importance of information and information systems, and the role of IT management as part of business development and leadership. The program is held in Finnish. 

Diploma in IT Leadership

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