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Enhancing Employee Experience and Leadership – Case Kemira

In this webinar, Floris van der Marel and Sandra Dillon share their insight in the design thinking approach and how to enhance the employee experience and leadership with these tools.




Enhancing employee experience is recognized as a strategic priority for a growing number of organizations. In this webinar recording, Floris van der Marel, Researcher at Aalto Design Factory,  introduces the basis for the design thinking approach. And continued by Sandra Dillon, VP Talent Development, from Kemira, she shares her experiences of the co-creation process, applying the design thinking approach and service design methods to developing HR practices and leadership principles in Kemira.

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Webinar Guests

Floris van der Marel, Researcher, Aalto Design Factory

Floris van der Marel is a Researcher at Aalto Design Factory, a multidisciplinary experimentation platform in Aalto University and 29 institutions abroad. His research focuses on unheard voices in design initiatives. He is interested in how certain perspectives are included, heard, respected, and equally responded to, whereas others are more ignored, or forgotten.

Sandra Dillon, VP Talent Development, Kemira

Sandra Dillon, Vice President, Talent Development, Kemira. Sandra is passionate about sustainable business and society. She defines herself as a ‘curious’ individual. Right now Sandra is leading the implementation of Kemira's new leadership principles which is an important part of their sustainability transformation for profitable growth. Sandra has been an early adopter of digital HR, differentiating channels, adopting design thinking to transform employee and candidate experience, and co-creating solutions. She holds MSc in Training & Human Resource Management from the University of Leicester UK.

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