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Vlog of My Aalto MBA Journey

Aalto MBA participant Henna Hynynen shares in this vlog her journey in the program.

Henna Hynynen, 22.06.2021



6th Episode: Looking Back at My MBA Journey - How Did the Program Help Me Grow?

"The MBA program reminded me of who I could be and what I could do. I gained valuable knowledge and skills that keep on giving for the rest of my life."

In the sixth episode, the long-awaited day has come and Henna Hynynen and her cohort are celebrating their graduation. Henna looks back at her studies and shares her biggest accomplishments and the best memories she made during her Aalto MBA studies.


5th Episode: How Does the Employer Benefit from the Studies? 

In the fifth episode, we get to know Henna Hynynen's work as a Head of Cross Portfolio Management at Lindström Group and the company itself. She is interviewing VP, Human Resources Selina Justen about the benefits for the employer from Aalto MBA studies.

"Yes, of course, Lindström is getting benefits during your two-year MBA studies already. You can apply your learnings; we benefit from it. Hopefully, you will benefit back when you can see how things work in real life as well," says Selina Justen, VP, Human Resources, Lindström Group.

"I also think now that I have been combining these both worlds, so to say, I have definitely been able to get a more comprehensive understanding of the business and my self-confidence as a leader is improving. Definitely, there are benefits that can also be seen during the studies," says Henna Hynynen, Aalto MBA participant, Head of Cross Portfolio Management, Lindström Group.

4th Episode: How to Combine Studies and Life? 

"I schedule everything. My time is at a premium, so I need to be a master of my own time. When balancing multiple things simultaneously, having them all visible in my calendar helps me greatly. It creates this calmness in me and brings me trust that I know I can handle everything when I can see all my commitments, short and longterm, in one place."

Maintaining a full-time job while putting valuable energy on earning a degree sounds daunting to many. In this episode, Henna Hynynen shares how she has managed to combine MBA studies into her life? Certainly, it isn't the easiest thing to accomplish, but like everything else in life, it is doable. 

3rd Episode: What Is a Personal Development Process, Also Known as PDP?

"It is so important that I understand how my behavior tendencies go together with different people in different situations. Also, learning more about trust, and especially how to build a deeper trust in teams and organizations has been very valuable. I now understand how trust creates the ability to enter into constructive conflict, which then creates commitment, accountability, and results."

In the third episode, Henna Hynynen discusses the Personal Development Process, PDP. It is a unique element in MBA studies, often described as the hidden gem of Aalto MBA programs. She describes the PDP and shares her thoughts about the process. She will also tell a bit about herself and what are her thoughts on the process. 

2nd Episode: What is an Aalto MBA Module and How to Get Most Out of It?

"I always start working on the pre-assignment as soon as possible. There is a small overlap with the previous module's final assignment so what I usually do is that I complete that one first and once that is ready, I will jump on into the new subject."

In the second episode, Henna Hynynen tells what is needed for the module. What assignments are required? How long is the learning process, and how does she prepare for these modules? What about after the module?


1st Episode: How Did Everything Start?

"I was so eagerly waiting for the information. I was going back and forth with my email. And soon, there it was. The message found my inbox. The title said, "Congratulations, you have been selected to the Aalto MBA Program of 2019." That moment was such a good moment for me. I just wanted to get up and scream to everyone: 'Hey, I have been selected!'" 

In the first episode, Henna Hynynen reveals why did she apply to the program, how was the application process, what kind of feelings did she have during the process and what did she learn from the first module.


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