Rapid Strokes – Slow Games

The coronavirus has forced many organizations to radical rhythm changes. The situation is equally challenging to us leaders; we need to find totally new ways to balance between the acute safety of the work community, financial survival in the short term, and the long-term dreams.

Pekka Mattila, 27.03.2020

None of us can afford situations where the big dream is shattered.

The immediate survival- and continuity actions belong to the group of short strokes. The agility with which organizations have succeeded to digitalize their operations and activities under enormous pressure is admirable. Imperative is now an abundant muse. What is learned and how we leverage our learning, when life gets back to normal one day, is crucial.

Despite the corona chaos, we still have to play the most important slow game; where does the organization want to go and what is it aiming to achieve in the long run."

Despite the corona chaos, we still have to play the most important slow game; where does the organization want to go and what is it aiming to achieve in the long run. It is extremely dangerous If this reasoning gets bypassed by actions related to immediate survival and the subsequent reconstruction.

Saving and withering are bad pledges to any owner and poison to an eventual new investor.

Under these exceptional circumstances every organization is obliged to act in an ambidextrous manner. One hand runs the everyday business and the other one is coping with the future. All organizations need to strengthen themselves for the future while simultaneously having to make painful and dramatic decisions related to employees and production. Even the pandemic has an expiration date. The sun will rise afterwards, too. And, even now, as always, it rises in the East.

Aalto EE wants to be a flexible and trustworthy partner even under exceptional circumstances. Participation in almost all of our open enrolment- and degree programs is possible online. Extensive programs including several modules and assignments can be totally digitalized. With careful planning and with modification of the ways to participate, the learning experience does not suffer.

We are worried now, there is sorrow and concern in the air, all indicators point down. When the storm is over and the dust settles, we have the future. In every industry there is one player moving faster than others. It is good to have the pole position. The world does not come to an end. It is good to be the fastest in your industry.

Dr. Pekka Mattila
Group Managing Director, Professor of Practice
Aalto University Executive Education Ltd

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