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Digitalization Leadership

Digital Data and Artificial Intelligence Reshaping Strategy and Organizations

The webinar recording includes points on digital disruption by Dr. Henri Schildt, Aalto University and practical steps in traditional organizations by Dr. Kristiina Tiilas, Kemira.




With the greater availability of data and advanced algorithms, companies are now able to automate a growing range of activities that were previously reliant on human expertise.

Smart modular processes controlled by artificial intelligence allow firms to break previously organizational silos and to coordinate complex interdependencies across business processes, both boosting productivity and creating new kind of customer value.

The webinar recording focuses on the following questions: Is this utopia or already reached today? What kind of experiences do we have and how do we see the second wave of digitalization impacting our near future?

  • After the digital disruption: Strategic thinking and management practice in the data-driven business environment
    Henri Schildt, Professor of Strategy at Aalto University and the author of the new book, “The Data Imperative” (OUP).
  • What are the practical steps towards more system optimization and advanced analytics utilization in traditional organizations?
    Dr. Kristiina Tiilas, Head of Data & Analytics, Kemira

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