Mind-Blowing Books

We asked Aalto University staff to share some reading tips. What has gripped them lately and why?

Reetta Räty, 23.01.2019

Natalie Lautenbacher - Lecturer, Department of Design

Antti S. Mattila: Näkökulman vaihtamisen taito

“A psychiatrist’s insights. I espe­cially came away with a few excel­lent descriptions of a child’s ability to think flexibly without prejudice, here in the context of fairness.

It is not what happens to you, but how you react to it that mat­ters.

Epiktetos (ca. 55–135 AD)”

Pirkko Saisio: Mies, ja hänen asiansa

“As a continuation to the previous book in a sense, this book man­ages to describe a shattering mind in an amusing way. The mood is intriguing.”

Jarno Limnéll - Professor of Practice, Cybersecurity

Yuval Noah Harari: Homo Deus

“Technology plays an increasing role in the future of humankind. Yet instead of technology, key ques­tions relate to humanity and ethics, which the themes of this book ad­dresses, providing justified perspec­tives.”

Lucas Kello: The Virtual Weapon

“Technology and cyber security are increasingly significant in global politics. The book reviews how cy­ber weapons and their use trans­form the nature of security and international order. Suitable for both academic reflection and to deepen your knowledge on the world of tomorrow.”

Kristiina Mäkelä - Provost, Professor of International Business

Carol Dweck: Mindset

”I am a big fan of Carol Dweck, a Stanford psychologist, whose book is a real mindset changer. She shows that how we think about our talents and abilities – having fixed or growth mindset – leads to dif­ferent behaviors. If you care about performance and learning, you’ll want to read this.”

Cal Newport: Deep Work

“Cal Newport is one of my two favorite thinkers (the other being Wharton Professor Adam Grant, check his book Give and Take if you haven’t yet). This book talks about the importance of deep work – distraction-free concentration – for productivity, and how to do it.“

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