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YTK:n Pitkä kurssi – yhdyskuntasuunnittelun asiantuntijaohjelma

The YTK:n Pitkä kurssi program gives you wide-ranging knowledge of the field of urban planning and urban research. You’ll extend your expertise, deepen your understanding, and form a vision on the direction of development. 

The people having undergone the program have particularly appreciated the network of urban planning and urban research professionals forming as a result of the training, as well as the sharing of experiences during the program itself. Participation in the YTK:n Pitkä kurssi program is also valued in recruiting and when devising new job descriptions. (YTK:n Pitkä kurssi effectiveness poll 2014-2015)

Note that this program is held in Finnish.

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August 26, 2024


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Program Benefits

You will form a new vision on the direction of development
Your organization will be informed of best practices and the latest research to support their solutions
You will create networks across professional boundaries and throughout Finland


The YTK:n Pitkä kurssi program is designed for planning, development, research, consulting, and managerial professionals in the field of urban planning, in both public and private sectors.

The program is suitable e.g. for

  • Architects
  • Landscape Architects
  • Surveyors
  • Engineers
  • Geographers
  • Historians
  • Sociologists

Contents and Schedule

The YTK:n Pitkä kurssi program is, as its name suggests, a long-term continuing education package, which is taken during one academic year (fall-spring). The scope of the studies is 20 credits.

The instructors for YTK:n Pitkä kurssi program come from the Department of Built Environment and from other Aalto University departments. Experienced and visionary practical experts have a strong presence during the program, as well.

During the program, you will take part in exercises enhancing learning and small study tours related to the module themes.

The YTK:n Pitkä kurssi program is characterized by discussions, and contact is maintained actively between the contact teaching modules as well. The networking of program participants will be promoted by exploring other programs and by organizing Star Lectures, which are open to everyone and attended in particular by active alumni of the YTK:n Pitkä kurssi program.

At the end of the program, an optional foreign study tour will be offered, to provide an opportunity to learn about the subject areas of the program from an international perspective. Since the study tour is optional, it is not included in the price of the program and is paid separately. The price is approximately EUR 2,000 to 2,500.

Program Fee and Registration

The program is held in Finnish. Register for the program on the Finnish program page.

Program Page in Finnish