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Leading the AI Transformation Process

Leading the AI Transformation Process is a one-day module in the AI for Leaders and Decision-Makers program and can also be taken as a stand-alone program.

The Leading the AI Transformation Process program introduces the participants to the organizational side of AI-driven business transformation. We discuss the implications of AI on the design of organizational structures and associated digital culture in companies. Participants will learn how to develop team-based, agile organizations that can redefine and adapt AI-augmented processes, helping the firm respond more swiftly to market changes and new customer demands. By embracing data-driven management practices and transparency, organizations can make informed decisions and enable bottom-up collaborative initiatives and problem solving. 

We also discuss leadership challenges and tasks related to AI transformation. This includes fostering a data-driven culture and incorporating AI into existing knowledge work and mindsets. Participants will also gain insights into defining a compelling AI vision for the organization as well as the broader ecosystem, and how to use digital data to drive growth and align incentives in the organization.  

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The program enhances the participants’ personal skills and competencies as leaders and individuals. It also strengthens the participants’ strategic thinking, thus increasing their understanding of why businesses need to transform and how they themselves can become drivers of organizational transformation.

Learning how to cultivate a dynamic and innovative digital culture
Ability to support and lead agile teams capable of rapid adaptation
Ability to articulate an effective vision for AI
Understanding of data-driven culture and how to drive it
How to drive growth in AI-driven organizations through smart performance metrics


The AI for Leaders and Decision-Makers program is designed for general management and executives, middle management in digital roles, and experts who want to understand the business and organizational side of AI.

The program suits business directors, development managers, digital managers, strategy managers, CFOs, and CIOs.


Henri Schildt

Dr. Henri Schildt is a full professor in strategy at Aalto University.

He is an enthusiastic educator, with more than a decade of experience in teaching executive education in themes related to strategy, artificial intelligence, and organizational change. He is currently a co-leader of the research project “Smarter Work with Artificial Intelligence”. His other research interests include corporate entrepreneurship, industry-level transformations, and strategies of social organizations. His book ‘The Data Imperative’ was published by Oxford University Press in 2020.

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