What is coaching?

At Aalto EE, coaching is always closely linked to the needs of working life and the goals of the individual and the organization. Coaching is

  • A process that increases self-awareness, helping the customer fully utilize their professional potential.
  • A goal-oriented approach that increases the customer’s capacity to achieve goals, resolve business challenges and succeed in a rapidly changing operating environment.
  • A confidential partnership that emphasizes support, challenging, decision-making, goal setting and follow-up.

Each of our coaching processes is different because it is built to meet the customer’s individual needs from start to finish. That is why coaching is one of the most effective ways to support excellent performance and bring about concrete changes.

The coaching process typically involves the coach and

  • an individual (personal development);
  • a team (e.g. development of executive team work or team interaction); or
  • a cross-functional group (e.g. coaching of the organization’s change agents).

The coach is responsible for ensuring that the process is systematical. Aalto EE’s coaches are leading actors in the industry. In addition to strong coaching expertise, they have solid personal experience of the leadership of organizations. In our work, we utilize Aalto EE’s 40-year global business expertise as well as the latest research data on the development of organizations and management.