What Everyone Should Know about Interest Rates?

In the webinar recording the keynote speaker Professor Antti Suhonen explores the drivers behind the recent trends and possible future outcomes.


In the webinar recording What Everyone Should Know about Interest Rates? Antti Suhonen from Aalto University School of Business explores the drivers behind the recent trends and possible future outcomes. He also discusses selected key concepts and tools in fixed income that are relevant and valuable for borrowers, investors, and market observers alike. 

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Keynote speaker

Antti Suhonen

Dr. Antti Suhonen is a Professor of Practice in Finance at Aalto University School of Business. He also works as a consultant and adviser to clients in the financial services sector, with a focus on financial markets, derivatives, and alternative investments. His teaching and research interests include alternative investments, financial institutions, and fixed-income and credit markets. He is also engaged in financial training of professional audiences. He previously held various derivatives structuring, product development, sales, and trading roles in investment banking over two decades, most recently as Managing Director at Barclays Capital in London. Antti Suhonen holds an M.Sc. (Economics) and a Ph.D. (Finance) from the Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration.

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