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Five Reasons to Study Online

Tia Laipaik and Salla Närhinen from Aalto EE explain why learning on online courses is a great way to build professional competence.

Anu Haapala, 14.03.2024



1. Lifewide learning has become a prerequisite for staying relevant professionally

The world and what it takes to succeed professionally are changing.

The World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs report estimated in 2023 that as much as 44 percent of workers’ core skills will change in the next five years.

“Lifewide learning has become essential for staying relevant professionally and building competence,” says Tia Laipaik, Project Manager at Aalto EE.

All Aalto EE online courses come with a certificate.

“Certified competence is often a requirement in the world of finance, for example. Having certification for a particular skill can also be crucial when looking for a job,” says Program Director Salla Närhinen.

2. Online courses are a great way to learn the basics

Whether your interests lie in finance, artificial intelligence, or emotional intelligence, online courses are often a great way to get started.

A good example of this is Fundamentals of Accounting (Talous haltuun virtuaalisesti), which has been one of Aalto EE’s most popular online courses for several years.

This kind of knowledge has become
practically a prerequisite for
succeeding professionally."

Among more recent additions is a course called Introduction to AI, which explores, among other things, both current and potential applications of artificial intelligence.

“The course is a great way to learn the basics of artificial intelligence. This kind of knowledge has become practically a prerequisite for succeeding professionally,” Laipaik says.


3. Online courses are a convenient way to upgrade an organization’s competence in a particular subject to a new level

Many of Aalto EE’s online courses, and especially those focusing on finance, are designed for entire organizations.

Our e-learning modules can be incorporated
into customized programs."

The financial sector is highly regulated, and there are certain key areas of competence that people working in banking or insurance, for example, simply cannot do without. Online courses are a convenient way to upgrade an entire organization’s competence to a new level.

“We offer several courses that are designed with this in mind. Our e-learning modules can be incorporated into customized programs and combined with, for example, training sessions and workshops,” Närhinen explains.

4. E-learning is easy to fit into an existing routine

One of the benefits of e-learning is that it is particularly easy to combine with work or an otherwise hectic schedule. There is no set start time for courses, and everyone can study at their own speed, whenever and wherever it is convenient.

Each course is available for three months from the time of registration.

“Studying is always a commitment and e-learning is no different in that respect, but we allow ample time for people to complete our courses,” Laipaik says.

5. Aalto EE’s online courses are tutored by trusted and highly esteemed professionals

The Internet is an endless source of information on any subject. Aalto EE’s online courses are always based on academic research and evidence.

Our instructors are well-respected, well-known, and well-liked. Some are university-based academics, others work in government departments or other governmental bodies.

Fundamentals of Accounting, for example, is tutored by Professor Teemu Malmi from the Aalto University School of Business.

“Teemu has a way of making finance easily approachable. Although it is a complicated subject, Teemu’s passion makes it a joy to learn,” Laipaik says.

Both Laipaik and Närhinen also mention Associate Professor Arno Solin, who tutors Introduction to AI.  They find Solin’s teaching style inspirational.

“Arno is one of Finland’s leading experts in his field,” Laipaik says.

Find out more about Aalto EE’s online courses here. We also design customized online courses. Do you have a subject in mind that you would like to learn the basics of at Aalto University? Get in touch!

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