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Fundamental Leadership Issues for Fast Growing Companies

The webinar recording provides the unique leadership issues that growth companies face and expert views on how to address those issues.




Leadership has a significant impact on a company’s successful growth and value. Long-term investors recognize that leadership affects firm performance – according to research, investors allocate about 30 % of their decision-making based on the quality of leadership. (Freed & Ulrich, 2015).

The webinar recording, featuring Stefan Krummaker and Veera Sylvius, is designed to equip you with actionable insights and tools for driving growth and success with world-class leadership.  The webinar is in English.

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This is what you will get:

Practical Strategies and Insights from the Latest Research to Unlock Leadership Potential in the Context of Growth Companies
Stefan Krummaker, Professor of Leadership Practice at the Queen Mary University of London

Professor Stefan Krummaker will focus in his talk on the challenges fast-growing companies are facing and what leadership is needed to tackle these challenges. Drawing on research and his own experience from advising companies on effective leadership, Stefan will discuss how leaders can develop a growth mindset and empower others to take on responsibility and initiative for growth-related activities. He will also focus on leading growth strategies with a purpose.

Leadership Themes for Growth Companies from Own Experience as a Growth Investor and Growth-Company Leader
Veera Sylvius, Managing Partner at Voland, Chairman of the Board, former growth entrepreneur, Poet

Leadership is about understanding and empathizing. The best tool for a leader is self-knowledge: only an authentic leader can touch, inspire and engage. In her talk, Veera Sylvius will discuss the following questions “What is the basis of modern leadership in today’s information-centered businesses? How to motivate organisations, teams and individuals toward a common goal?” Veera will provide insights for purpose-driven leadership, the creation of psychological safety, inspirational communication and coaching principles.

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