What Is Lifewide Learning?

For a few years now, lifelong learning has been one of the buzzwords that you have certainly bumped into several times. But is lifelong learning really something new? Not really, writes Kerttu Kuokkanen.

Kerttu Kuokkanen, 24.11.2021

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Aalto EE and its predecessors have been providing continuous learning opportunities to their customers for more than 50 years. Your own personal learning path has also started as an early child, perhaps from kindergarten or first grade at school at the latest.

What is new about lifelong learning, however, is the new level of investment in it that has begun in recent years at the national and EU levels and the idea that lifelong learning is a key factor in making our businesses successful and in increasing the competitiveness of our society as a whole.

Aalto University has taken the idea a step further, and we talk about lifewide learning instead of lifelong learning. We believe that learning continues throughout a person's life. It may not always proceed linearly, but sometimes also sideways, building on what has already been learned and jumping in completely new directions, for example in anticipation of a career change.

Learning takes place in several different forms, places, and situations, stemming from a variety of motivational factors, throughout life. "

In addition, learning takes place in several different forms, places, and situations, stemming from a variety of motivational factors, throughout life. Your own lifelong learning path has at least brought you to Aalto EE and I believe that those visits have been impactful to you both professionally and personally, possibly even transformational.

Have you ever wondered where your learning path will take you next? Do you want to deepen your skills? Do you need to update your knowledge? Are you preparing for a career shift, or do you simply want to broaden your horizons and learn something completely new again?

Whatever your direction is, you may find the next step from very close-by, such as from Aalto EE's diverse offering or Aalto University's extensive lifelong learning catalogue. Or perhaps the solution is still under development at Aalto University and Aalto EE’s new joint lifelong learning offering, Aalto ACCESS, that will open completely new types of low-threshold opportunities for acquiring the essentials of specific topics and bringing together bachelor and master’s students with working professionals.

So, we encourage you to take the next step. You may already guess all the good that can follow.

Kerttu Kuokkanen is Business Area Director, Aalto ACCESS, at Aalto EE. Aalto University’s extensive lifewide learning portfolio ranges from individual courses to full degree programmes. Our offering helps you stay at the leading edge of development and at the forefront of your field. Read more

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