Business Growth and Efficient Operations through Excellence in Data and Analytics

Our customers have identified several competence-related barriers to building a data-driven organization. Different industries and businesses are in different maturity phases. Still, everyday challenges can be identified, such as top management's understanding of data analytics opportunities, business managers' knowledge of data analytics, data scientists' understanding of business context, and collaboration between the aforementioned roles around data.

To help our clients build a data-driven organization, we boost data and analytics competence development at different levels and for different needs.

Clients benefit from deeper understanding and capability in data and analytics through better collaboration between business and data professionals. This leads to better data usage in solving current business problems and developing foresight about new business opportunities.

Data and Analytics Competence Development Plan

The plan template contains questions to consider while planning Data & Analytics competence development. Download a PDF to help your planning.

Data and Analytics Competence Development Plan


The plan template contains questions to consider while planning Data & Analytics competence development. Download a PDF to help your planning.

Rapid Changes Causing Skills and Capability Gaps

The increasing importance of data and digitalization is causing significant shifts in the skills and capabilities required in the workforce. Many traditional jobs are becoming obsolete with automation, artificial intelligence, and big data. New jobs require different skills like data analysis, coding, and digital literacy.

As a result, there is a growing gap between workers' skills and capabilities and employers' needs in data and digitalization. To address these gaps, individuals must continuously learn and acquire new data analysis, machine learning, and digital marketing skills. Employers must also invest in training and development programs to upskill their workforce and attract new talent. 

Overall, the increasing importance of data and digitalization create a dynamic and evolving job market that requires individuals and organizations to adapt quickly to stay competitive.

What are your organization’s development needs?

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Generative AI – Implications for Value Creation and Strategy

In this webinar recording, the keynote speaker Professor Henri Schildt examines the impact of new powerful Generative AI technologies on productivity and service innovations.

Dive into Data with Effective Training

Organizations are seeking growth from data management and analytics. This demands not only investments in technology but also a reform of executive policies, operating methods, and expertise. Read more about how properly targeted training can provide opportunities for success and even create new business models.

Creating Value for Our Clients through Solutions with Real Impact and Applicability 

We support our clients in creating value in their organization and businesses through our impactful programs, which help them, for example, to  

  • Lead digital transformation in the business
  • Detection of emerging catastrophes from real-time Twitter feeds
  • Optimization of cleaning-in-place processes
  • Predicting powerplant coal consumption based on machine reading models
  • Artificial intelligence in assisting invoicing
  • How AI and machine learning can benefit IT operations
  • Upgrade management and leadership skills across all organizational levels
  • Harness the organization's competitive edge and develop sustainable strategies

The solutions can vary from a board-level strategy process to large-scale development programs, for example, for the talent potential.

Key Issues for Enhancing Collaboration and Learning by Doing with Data

Solving organization’s real-world business problems with data

  • Finding real business cases from the organization
  • Enhancing cross-functionality to break silos
  • Business managers and Data Scientists work and learn together
  • Skills and Competence building by bringing insights from Aalto faculty, consultants and industry keynotes
  • Bridging the gap to everyday work


Answering to Customer Needs

Telia 5G Boost Development Program Produced New Business Innovations around 5G Technology

Aalto University Executive Education and Professional Development and Telia collaborated on a program around 5G technology and its opportunities for Telia’s business. The six-month program for Telia’s sales professionals resulted in new innovations and an entirely new business area for the company.

Posti Gears up for the Era of Artificial Intelligence

Aalto Aalto University Executive Education and Professional Development’s AI for Business program assembled a group of Posti employees from all levels of the organization to boost their AI skills and find data-driven solutions for key business challenges.

Open Digitalization Programs

Aalto EE's open programs on the topic of digitalization cover various aspects of digitalization, including its impact on business and leadership. They offer insights into how organizations can adapt to digital transformation, develop digital strategies, and enhance competitiveness, and emphasize the importance of understanding digital trends, data analytics, and technological advancements to navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by digitalization.

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