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Vastuullinen sijoittaminen ja ESG-analyysi

Responsible Future Begins with Sustainable Investing

Sustainable investing offers several benefits. It promotes sustainable development goals, such as environmental protection and social justice, and helps avoid investing in companies that work against these objectives.

In addition, sustainable investments can provide better financial performance over the long term, reducing risks and improving companies' long-term prospects.

Therefore, sustainable investing raises interest, and for private and institutional investors to make investments consistent with their values and sustainability preferences, experts in this field need to understand different investment products from a sustainability perspective. Vastuullinen sijoittaminen ja ESG-analyysi (The Sustainable Investing and ESG Analysis) program provides investment and financial experts with expertise on various sustainable investing strategies, accountability across asset classes, assessing investment risks and opportunities, and measuring impact.

After the program, participants understand where accountability is formed and how it appears as a progenitor in the business model of companies or various aspects of their business. The program also helps to understand at a broader level the impact of sustainable investing on society, the environment, and people and provides practical examples of how real impact has been achieved with sustainable investing.

The program will be held in Finnish.

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November 9, 2023


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Sustainable investing is a future trend that is growing all the time. Program allows you to take advantage of this growing market and be one step ahead of your competitors.

Learn to identify ESG risks and responsibilities for investees and achieve better investment returns sustainably.

Be involved in creating a more sustainable society and influence by selecting sustainable investments.


Participants in the Vastuullinen sijoittaminen ja ESG-analyysi program gain a deeper understanding of the principles and practices of sustainable investing, which helps them better serve their customers' needs.

Increased knowledge and expertise: better understand environmental, social, and governmental factors (ESG) and make more informed investment decisions
Competitive advantage: With the knowledge of sustainable investing, you can differentiate yourself and attract new customers who are interested in adapting their investments to their values.
Better service for customers: Helps understand customer concerns and priorities and understand strategies that align with these values.
Compliance: ESG legislation is renewing at a pace, and experts with knowledge of sustainable investing are better prepared for these provisions.


The program is widely useful for all investment professionals, e.g., portfolio managers, asset managers, investment advisers, private bankers, fund advisers, and institutional investors.

The program is also useful for all financial professionals in listed companies and trust agents.

Contents and Schedule

This program provides comprehensive know-how on regulating responsible investing, ESG factors, sustainable investment strategies, accountability across asset classes, and effectiveness measurement and reporting.

Learning is based on pre-readings, lectures, in-class discussions, and assignments during training days.

Program structure

Before module

Getting acquainted with pre-reading materials and preparation for training days

During the module

Lectures, group discussions, and exercises under the guidance of Aalto EE trainers

After the module

Applying the learnings in the work



Markku Kaustia

Markku Kaustia is the Hannes Gebhard Professor in Finance and Insurance at Aalto University School of Business.

His areas of research include finance, investments, financial markets, assets management, investor behavior, and psychology. His research has been published in leading academic journals, like the Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Financial Economics, and Journal of Finance.

Professor Kaustia is a regular speaker and teacher for finance professionals and conferences. He has investigated micro-foundations of investment epidemics, dynamics of investors' risk aversion, and behavioral biases of finance professionals. 

He has been at Aalto University, School of Business, Department of Finance, since 2008. As a Visiting Professor, he has taught in the USA at the University of Michigan, Ross School of Business (2011-2012), and at the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business (2012-2013).

In 2014, Aalto University established the position of Hannes Gebhard Professor in Finance & Insurance to acknowledge the support of the OP-Pohjola Group in promoting scientific research in finance. Hannes Gebhard was a Finnish businessman, professor of economic history & economics, member of Parliament & father of the Finnish Cooperative Business.

Markku Kaustia has a Ph.D. in Finance from Aalto University School of Business.

Mika Leskinen

Mika Leskinen, Investment Director of S-Bank, is one of Finland's most experienced sustainable investing professionals with more than 15 years of experience.

In the IRRI survey 2017, Leskinen was the world's TOP 50 ESG influencer in the asset managers category. In 2023 he was selected as the 29th most important ESG influencer in the world in the Onalytica listing.

Leskinen is an active speaker in domestic and international sustainable investing events. He has been on the Commission for Sustainable Investment of the Church Pension Fund (Kirkon eläkerahasto) from 2016-2020 and Chairman of the Finsif Board 2018. Leskinen has been widely quoted and also quoted in media and non-fiction books.

Anna Hyrske

Anna Hyrske works as a leading sustainability expert at Suomen Pankki.

Her responsibilities include developing principles and processes for sustainable investing, supporting portfolio managers in ESG integration in the bank's treasury office, and serving on international working groups to promote sustainability.

Before the Bank of Finland, Hyrske held various positions for over 20 years (including portfolio manager, analyst, leader of Asian operations, and sustainability specialist) at the investment organization of pension insurance company Ilmarinen. She has a long experience in sustainable investing and has written three books on the subject (2023, 2020, and 2012) and studied the issue in his master's studies (2004).

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