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Business Analyst F.E.C

Take a new step in your career and update your competence in Labor Market Program

Are you interested in growing as a professional in processing and analyzing a company's business data and, based on this, developing business processes and business decision-making?  

The business environment is changing rapidly, and business organizations constantly face new kinds of challenges and opportunities. Business Analysts play a crucial role in organizations by analyzing business operations and identifying areas for improvement. They help bridge the gap between business needs and technology solutions by gathering and analyzing data and giving input into business decision-making and development.

In the Business Analyst F.E.C Program, you will deepen your understanding of finance function capabilities and emerging business trends, especially digitalization. You will get insight into current market demands as well as develop an understanding of foresight and financial management and control topics. Also, you will understand the basic principles of AI and Analytics and learn to recognize fields of business where AI and Analytics can mostly be beneficial.

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*) F.E.C = Further Educated with Companies is a labor market training concept to conclude an employment contract. Its purpose is to reconcile job seekers' current expertise, development, and career goals with the needs of potential new employers. The program lasts around six months and includes Aalto EE's high-quality training and practical work with a partner company.


October 26, 2023


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Benefits for Participants:

  • You get professional help and support for seeking employment
  • You get the possibility to show your competence and motivation in a partner organization
  • You will update your competence in analytical approaches and utilizing data for business development

Benefits for the Organization: 

  • F.E.C Programs are a cost-efficient, flexible, and reliable way to search and find new capable employees in your organization.
  • Training program focuses on developing certain skills – the work tasks will be decided between the organization and the participant.
  • Aalto EE will offer suitable candidates for your organization and help to make the decision. The initial selection of candidates will be made by the Employment office together with Aalto EE.
  • Planned University level training program for participants will offer the organization the latest knowledge and skills.


Business Analyst F.E.C -training program is targeted at the unemployed or people under the threat of unemployment with an interest as a professional in analyzing business data and, based on this, developing business processes and decision making. 

A completed degree from the University or a degree from the University of Applied Sciences is required. The right education field is, for example, business, technical, or other suitable degree. In addition, the applicants must be motivated to become employed, willing to update their competence, and have good skills in the English language. The training is mainly in English, but some of the program's optional parts might also be in Finnish.

Contents and Schedule

The training program includes lectures, workshops, and individual learning. As a participant, you will be assigned a mentor in your partner company during the program. You will also receive tutoring during the program to support your learning and potential for employment.

You as the participant, the partner company, and Aalto EE will sign a training contract for the program. You will work in the partner company for about 80 % of the time allocated for the program.

Varsinais-Suomi Centre for Economic Development, Transport, and the Environment supports training.

The training program is divided into core modules common for all participants and independent learning days. In addition to core modules, you can choose optional modules from pre-selected training modules and online courses which support your development.

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