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Strengthening Business and Supply Chain Fundamentals (online)

Strengthening Business Fundamentals program is based on selected online courses that give you a comprehensive understanding of key management principles. All online courses cover basic terminology, concepts and frameworks of the management discipline in question.

By completing the program you will increase your competence and confidence

  • to contribute strategy discussions,
  • to make financial decisions,
  • to manage supplier relationships,
  • to lead required change in organization.

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The learning path consist of four online courses

Fundamentals of Strategic Management

The Fundamentals of Strategic Management online course focuses on the key perspectives: corporate strategy, growth strategy, business model, strategy process perspective, strategy as practice, platform design and strategy, and implementation.

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Fundamentals of Accounting

The Fundamentals of Accounting online course provides participants with comprehensive basic skills in the areas of financial and management accounting.

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Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management

Fundamentals of Supply chain Management course focuses on the interphase between different organizations and ways to manage it. The course will take you through a journey that covers the understanding of what Supply Chain Management is, making decisions on outsourcing, designing the primary mode for planning and control, as well as laying the ground for carrying out analysis on different aspects of your supply chain.

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Fundamentals of Change Management

Fundamentals of Change Management is a cost-effective and flexible study module developing strategic skills for leading and implementing strategic change projects in a global context.

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The program is best suited for business managers who want to brush-up their business management competences.

By completing the program, you will get Aalto EE Business Fundamentals Program Certificate.

Contents and Schedule

The online program consists of four courses focusing on Strategic Management, Accounting, Supply Chain Management and Change Management.

The duration of  program is approximately 12–18 weeks when following the recommended 3–4 hours weekly study schedule.

Program Structure

Fundamentals of Strategic Management

Learn essentials that all managers and leaders need to know about strategy

Fundamentals of Accounting

Provides participants with comprehensive basic skills in the areas of financial and management accounting. The course comprises 19 video lectures.

Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management

Provides the basic frameworks and concepts of supply chain management with practical learning tasks.

Fundamentals of Change Management

Learn the key issues that experts and management need to know about the difference between change and transition and what it takes to maintain a balance between these.

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