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Hankintojen johtaminen

Growth through better use of external resources

As a procurement professional, how do you develop cooperation with external resources in your organization? Are you utilizing supplier market analysis systematically?

Procurement has a crucial role in increasing revenue through an external resource network. However, the way in which external resources are managed, utilized, and developed is essential to the possible growth and profitability. The right attitude towards the supplier network as external resources has a major impact on the operating methods and practices of your company’s various operations, improving both internal and external cooperation.

Hankintojen johtaminen (Procurement Management) program has been developed in close cooperation with Aalto University’s experts and representatives of the business world. The program offers you a comprehensive idea of strategic and effective procurement management. You will deepen your skills in financial metrics and forecasts, reverse marketing and supply chain development, and improve your process skills. You will also strengthen your abilities in change management and acquire the means to start development actions in your own organization.

The content has been chosen to best support companies that are ready to improve the role of procurement to better support business objectives.

Hankintojen johtaminen (Procurement Management) is a renamed training program that draws on the popular Diploma in Global Sourcing (DGS) program. In connection with the name change, the content of the program has been adjusted, and more participation options have been added. In this way, we want to ensure that the program matches the development needs of procurement professionals.

The Diploma in Global Sourcing program was first developed as a customized concept to strengthen procurement and purchasing practices in a large Finnish corporation operating globally. Since then, hundreds of procurement professionals have participated in the program to develop both themselves and their companies. Procurement and purchasing have evolved considerably since the program was first introduced in 2008, and the program has developed in response.

 Please note that the program is held in Finnish.

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The program will increase your ability to analyze, evaluate, and develop procurement as part of your business goals. Practical tasks and tools help you to use the learnings in your own work, already during the program. After the program, you will have an overall picture of modern procurement and an understanding of what measures should be taken to promote development in your organization. The program provides fresh insights, applicable concepts and pragmatic tools that streamline and facilitate your day-to-day work.

Understand the importance of procurement in profit-making and as a value creator.
Deepen cooperation with internal stakeholders.
Adopt improvement methods and tools — and learn to act as a catalyst for development.
Strengthen and improve your own expertise in procurement management.


The training is designed for experienced procurement, category and purchasing managers, those working in strategic or specialist procurement positions, or those transitioning to these challenging positions. The training is also suitable for people who act in collaboration with procurement, for example in production, R&D or sales.

The training provides procurement managers and other procurement professionals with a unique opportunity to develop procurement and network with other professionals.

Contents and Schedule

The training consists of six modules (11 days). The themes are introduced by experts and professors and the challenges related to the themes are solved together using various methods and tools. During the training days, we will have time for discussions, networking and peer learning.  Independent online courses, practical assignments and relevant literature help you to form a broad picture and apply what you have learned.

In addition to the training days, the program includes two online courses: Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management and Essentials of Leading Change. The online courses provide basic information on selected topics, allowing you to focus on in-depth perspectives during the modules.

Over the past decade, experts at Aalto University’s Department of Industrial Engineering and Management have researched how a management system should be developed to utilize the growth and profit potential offered by external resource networks. These conclusions are studied not only during the modules, but also with the help of Kari Tanskanen’s book “Ulkoisten resurssien johtaminen”.

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Program structure

11 training days

During the training days, you will learn from top experts, discuss, work in groups and do various exercises.

Independent study

With the help of versatile methods, you will deepen your understanding and expertise as a procurement professional.

Deepening effectiveness

The Echo Team working method deepens your learning and helps you to share what you have learned within your organization.

Program Fee and Registration

Program start

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