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Future of Freight Seminar

Future-Focused Excellence – Empowering Logistics Futures

Welcome to the Future of Freight Seminar – where innovation meets industry and academic expertise, and cutting-edge solutions pave the way for a sustainable, efficient, and intelligent future in freight and transport.

Future of Freight Seminar consists of interesting keynote presentations and panel discussions about the future trends in logistics and freight forwarding. In a rapidly changing world, staying ahead of the curve is not just an advantage – it's a necessity. The seminar covers understanding external pressures and future scenarios, delving into the possibilities of intelligent AI, sustainable logistics, and offering a macro-level perspective.

The seminar is tailored for businesses and individuals in the logistics and freight industry, aiming to be pioneers in a changing world.

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Hear from top industry, research, and logistics experts, gaining unique insights from diverse viewpoints.

Explore the latest industry developments and strategies to maintain your competitive edge in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Network with fellow experts, fostering valuable relationships and collaborations to enhance your professional growth within the logistics field.


The seminar is intended for individuals working in logistics and freight forwarding who are interested in learning about the future of the industry and discovering new pathways for company and sector development.

Contents and Schedule

Future of Freight Seminar will focus on key themes including external pressures and future scenarios, AI in freight and transport, sustainability, and risk, as well as a macro perspective.



Opening of the event

Katri Kauppi, Associate Professor, Aalto University

External pressures and future scenarios


EU and national legislation – what to expect in short and long-term

Minna Kivimäki, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Transport and Communications



Future of freight forwarding - best practices and trajectories based on recent research

Katri Kauppi, Associate Professor, Aalto University


Coffee break

AI in freight and transport



Value of data in logistics (remote keynote)

Yancho Todorov, Senior Scientist, VTT


AI in transport and freight – case example

The speaker will be confirmed later



Sustainability and risk


Maritime industry risk mitigation

Osiris Valdez Banda, Assistant Professor, Aalto University


Traffic microplastics – how to mitigate the problem and what to expect from the changing ESG reporting requirements

Erika Winquist, Senior Scientist, Natural Resources Institute Finland (LUKE)


Coffee break and networking


Sustainability in the transport and freight industry – panel discussion

Saara Pellikka, Sustainability Manager, DB Schenker
Tiina Haapasalo, Chief Policy Adviser, Confederation of Finnish Industries
Other panelists will be confirmed later


Coffee break

Future of freight 


Keynote: Future of the freight industry in the Nordics

The speaker will be confirmed later


Closing the event

Katri Kauppi, Associate Professor, Aalto University


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Katri Kauppi

Associate Professor, Aalto University

Katri Kauppi is a tenured Associate Professor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management at Aalto University School of Business.

Kauppi has previously worked at Nottingham University Business School and Manchester Business School in the UK where she has also taught in Global MBA-programmes in e.g. Dubai, Shanghai, Hongkong and Miami. Prof Kauppi teaches in the areas of sustainable supply chain management, procurement and sourcing as well as supply chain risk management

Prof. Kauppi’s research interests include organizational purchasing behaviour, supply chain failure causes and consequences, social sustainability certifications, climate change risk mitigation in supply chains as well as public procurement. Prof Kauppi’s has received several recognitions from her research work and also the World Culture Council Special Recognition Award for a young scientist who early in their career has made an international impact through their research.

Tiina Haapasalo

Chief Policy Adviser, Confederation of Finnish Industries

Ms. Haapasalo works as a Chief Policy Adviser at the Confederation of Finnish Industries EK. Her area of expertise is transport, infrastructure, and logistics as they play a central role in the competitiveness of Finnish and European business in the global market. Advancing the green transition is currently one of the most essential topics in transport.

Osiris Valdez Banda

Assistant Professor, Aalto University

Osiris Valdez Banda is an Assistant Professor at Aalto University (Marine and Arctic Technology). He is the leading professor of the Research Group on Safe and Efficient Marine and Ship Systems. His research focuses on the analysis of maritime risks and safety systems engineering with applications in the contexts of smart shipping and ship winter navigation. His work focuses on the development of methods, processes, and tools for modeling and analyzing the risks, safety, and resilience of ship and marine systems to support ship design processes and the management of maritime traffic operations.

Erika Winquist

Senior Scientist, Natural Resources Institute Finland (LUKE)

Erika Winquist works as Senior Scientist at Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) where she is leading CircHive Horizon Europe project focusing on developing & piloting biodiversity footprinting.

Erika Winquist has a degree of Doctor of Science in Technology from Aalto University School of Chemical Engineering. She has wide knowledge on circular economy, sustainable business models, value-chain design, and sustainability and techno-economical assessments of circular economy processes.

Dr. Yancho Todorov

is a Senior Scientist and certified project manager at VTT Technical Research Center of Finland working in the domain of carbon neutral mobility and transport solutions.

Dr. Todorov specializes in studying how zero-emission vehicle fleets are successfully integrated in various operational scenarios including different technological, environmental, and economical considerations. He has an extensive background in electrical engineering and AI applications in various domains, as well as university lecturer and project manager of EU funded research and innovation projects related to mobility of people and goods.

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