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Entrepreneurial Mindset and Self-Leadership

Embark on a journey of personal growth and self-development

Living in a world full of uncertainties, such as the recent pandemic and geopolitical conflicts, can induce stress and anxiety. Have you noticed challenges in thinking clearly, finding focus, and being creative? If you answered yes, this course might help you regain clarity, boost your well-being, and gain resilience to navigate the uncertainties.

During this self-paced online course, you will be provided with practical tools that help improve your resilience and help you succeed in your personal and professional life. 

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Enjoy the flexibility of a self-paced online course that can be completed at your own pace from anywhere in the world.

This course provides you with a concrete toolkit for self-development and entrepreneurial mindset.

Reflection tasks and exercises help you reflect on the topics and apply the learnings directly in practice.

Learning outcomes

After the completion of the course, you will

  • Know yourself better and understand what your motivating factor is.
  • Be able to reflect on your worldview, define strategic life goals, and plan your journey towards the defined goals.
  • Gain time-management skills essential for your journey towards the defined goals.
  • Acquire a tool kit that can be used to tackle anxiety and stress.
  • Master techniques that help you to stay resilient and build your inner core.


This course is designed for individuals who want to develop their self-leadership skills as leaders or specialists. This course has no prerequisites, and we welcome learners from diverse disciplines from all around the globe.

The course is particularly suitable for

  • Young leaders
  • New managers
  • New entrepreneurs
  • Persons transitioning from studies to working life
  • Individuals navigating professional transitions, whether it be embarking on a new role or joining a new organization.

You can also join the program as a team - read more about Entrepreneurial Mindset and Self-Leadership for Teams.

Contents and Schedule

This course creates a framework for personal growth by providing practical tools for improving self-leadership and entrepreneurial mindset.

The online course comprises short videos and reading materials, reflection tasks, and quizzes. You can complete the course flexibly at your own pace from anywhere in the world. The estimated study time of the course is 27 hours, and you will have access to the course materials for eight weeks.

The language of the course is English, and all videos include English subtitles.

The course is divided into four modules, each focusing on a specific topic:

  • External Context – Where Are We?
  • Inner Compass – Where Do You Want to Go?
  • Mind Flexibility – How Will You Get There?
  • Resilience & Antifragility – How to Keep on Going If Things Get Complicated?

"You will understand how to gain a work-life balance without sacrificing progress towards your strategic goals. You will learn how to live, not to run a marathon."

Lidia Rauramo


Lidia Rauramo

Educator at Aalto Ventures Program, Aalto University

Lidia Rauramo is an educator in teamwork, leadership, self-leadership, well-being, and entrepreneurship areas, with a current role as a lecturer at Aalto Ventures Program (AVP).

Lidia contributed to courses like "Good Life Engine," "Startup Philosophy," “Thinking tools”, and "Self-leadership." She was a member of the AVP Management Team and a Team Lead for highly qualified educators. Extensive teaching, coaching, and mentoring experience in organizations across Finland and Russia, including TAMK, XAMK, SAMPO, SLUSH, and more.

Her journey includes senior project management, medical nuclear industry work, strategic consulting, and ongoing executive leadership coaching studies, supported by two master’s degrees in business.

Kalle Airo

Head of Entrepreneurial Mindset, Aalto University

Kalle Airo serves as the Head of Entrepreneurial Mindset at Aalto University. He is a co-founder of Aalto Ventures Program and developer of Integrated Entrepreneurship Education.

He is a builder and creator, most often co-creator. He has started and built teams, startups, university units, communities, organizational cultures, courses, experiences, etc., and even an apartment block. However, he didn’t build these things alone. His core skills are leading and teaching, which he uses to make things happen, things that are bigger and more magical than he could build alone.

Laura Sivula

Business Area Director, Lifewide Learning, Aalto University, Aalto University Executive Education

Laura Sivula is a Business Area Director and educator at Aalto University with a passion for lifewide learning and the future of work. She has taught service design, digital business and entrepreneurship at Aalto University and University of Arts Helsinki. Laura is an advocate for life design and has been collaborating with Stanford d.school in developing the methodology further.

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