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Entrepreneurial Mindset and Self-Leadership for Teams

Entrepreneurial Mindset and Self-Leadership for Teams combines self-paced online learning with carefully planned team learning activities.

In this 6-week program, you will get a chance to progress through the learning journey together with your team members and our educator.

The best part? We will ensure that the learning experience is tailored to meet the needs of Your team.

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Is our program the right fit for your team?

Employers usually have questions on their minds when choosing the optimal training for their employees. Therefore, before finalizing your purchasing decision, you have a chance to meet with our program team to discuss your wishes and needs.

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Team Learning

Why learn alone when you can embark on a collaborative learning journey together with your team?

This program is built upon our online course Micro-Certificate in Entrepreneurial Mindset and Self-Leadership

This team version of the program combines self-paced online learning and team learning activities. Self-paced learning activities are always followed by group activities and discussions that support higher engagement and knowledge transfer. Group meetings can be organized online or at the premises of the customer if located in the Helsinki capital area.

1. Team formation and expectation alignment

Gather a group of 5-20 team members to embark on a learning journey together. Your expectations and learning goals will be discussed in the team’s kick-off session.

2. Learning together

Progress through the learning program together with your team. Our educator offers guidance through out the learning journey.

3. Knowledge application and impact

Facilitated wrap-up and planning on what happens after the program to ensure impact.

Core Modules (comes from Product)

Program Structure

Our program spans 6 weeks, seamlessly combining self-paced learning activities with team learning sessions. We work collaboratively with teams to schedule meetings at times convenient for all learners. Reach out to us today, and let's explore the possibilities together!


Team activities are designed to support dialogue, knowledge sharing, and collaboration.

All team members become active learners and progressing through the journey with a group creates a sense of accountability.

Your team will have a dedicated educator who ensures your group is progressing toward their shared goal.


Lidia Rauramo

Educator at Aalto Ventures Program, Aalto University

Lidia Rauramo is an educator in teamwork, leadership, self-leadership, well-being, and entrepreneurship areas, with a current role as a lecturer at Aalto Ventures Program (AVP).

Lidia contributed to courses like "Good Life Engine," "Startup Philosophy," “Thinking tools”, and "Self-leadership." She was a member of the AVP Management Team and a Team Lead for highly qualified educators. Extensive teaching, coaching, and mentoring experience in organizations across Finland and Russia, including TAMK, XAMK, SAMPO, SLUSH, and more.

Her journey includes senior project management, medical nuclear industry work, strategic consulting, and ongoing executive leadership coaching studies, supported by two master’s degrees in business.

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