Choose the Best

The success of the coaching process depends heavily on the competence and professional skill of the coach. It is important to select a reliable and high-quality service provider as well as the coach that best suits your needs. You are in good hands when you choose Aalto EE.

Top expertise

  • Finland’s leading coaches and a comprehensive international network
  • All coaches have personal leadership experience
  • Broad perspective on organizations, leadership and learning
  • Extensive experience across various industries, public sector, and organizations
  • Strong academic background as well as knowledge and utilization of the latest research data
  • Ability to combine the perspectives of productivity and wellbeing

A sound choice

  • 40 years of experience in the development of executives, experts and organizations
  • Smooth processes, tested tools, and reliable assessment methods
  • Systematic quality assurance
  • Extensive offering from executive education to coaching
  • Corporate customers benefit from loyalty

Customer satisfaction is close to our heart. Coaching is about a confidential partnership and close interaction. If cooperation with the chosen coach does not work for one reason or another, we will take responsibility and arrange a substitute coach.