Aalto EE Catalyzer – Accelerating Corporate Innovation

Today’s corporations are under increasing threat from established competitors as new innovative companies break out to challenge existing market positions. As a result, the pressure on large organizations to come up with new innovative opportunities is stronger than ever. Corporates need to develop a stronger entrepreneurial mindset among their employees. A thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem within the organization continually explores radical new ideas that can later turn into new business.

Aalto EE Catalyzer offers a hands-on process to empower corporate teams to adopt startup practices and jump-start an entrepreneurial culture in their own organization. The program is built on the customer company’s own business cases. It empowers teams to actively search for repeatable and scalable business for the organization.

Catalyzer offers a highly impactful and inspirational experience. The program immerses participants in developing, testing, and iterating innovative business model hypotheses. This happens through a customer-driven process that boosts product or service development.


Aalto EE Catalyzer is for companies who are determined to find growth and new business opportunities and want to empower their teams to become more entrepreneurial. It works best with multidisciplinary teams selected based on commitment level, diversity in skills, and the drive to scale up the opportunity. Participants gain stronger customer development skills and an agile mindset and are challenged to think out-of-the-box at each step of solving real-life business cases.

How does it work?

The program is based on a flipped classroom pedagogy in which teams gain most of the key learnings from their experiences in the field, and classroom sessions are designed to prepare for or integrate learnings from customer experiments. A key aim of the program is to compel participants to employ an entrepreneurial approach when creating, developing, and re-inventing business models.

Our track record proves that the program helps organizations discover new business opportunities. The Aalto EE Catalyzer is a platform for learning to fail less often and at a lower cost.

Program Structure

The program has a flexible duration of 5 to 10 weeks with weekly sessions of 4 to 8 hours.

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