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Tuotannonohjauksen perusteet kahdessa päivässä – TURBO

Tools and Principles for Improving Production Planning and Control

The key objective of production management is to ensure customer satisfaction and efficient operations. Customer satisfaction is supported by good delivery performance, for example, delivery on time, short lead times, and flexibility. Good planning, organization, and control of production activities help to achieve customer satisfaction efficiently.

TURBO is a two-day training program in production planning and control and production management. The program explores the production activities of a manufacturer from various angles: production/operations strategy, sales and operations planning, materials and capacity planning, and measuring and improving production.

After the two-day program, you are encouraged to write a reflection paper in which you apply the learning from the course to your own production operations to continue the learning process and develop concrete actions for improvement. You will receive a course certificate and personal written feedback on your report.

Please note that this program is held in Finnish.

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January 15, 2025


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TURBO provides basic knowledge of production planning and control, management, and improving an industrial production system. The program will help you to understand the key role of production as a source of competitiveness and in ensuring customer satisfaction. It will benefit your organization by giving you the tools and concepts needed to improve the way you manage and improve your production.

Obtain basic understanding on the production management and production improvement of an industrial company
Understand the key role of production as part of customer service as a whole
Learn how other organizations face challenges


The program is designed for people working as production planners, production team leaders, or in production middle management who want to learn or refresh the theoretical and practical basics of production management.

The program also benefits those working in roles that cooperate closely with production, for example, order management, sourcing, logistics, and product development.

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