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Risk Management for Champions Online Course

In business, there are always risks, and managing them requires guidance and decision- making. Systematic risk management demands structures, principles, and processes that support it from an organization.

The Risk Management for Champions online course introduces you to risk management from a management perspective. During the course, you will learn the risk management process, concepts, and best practices in a compact package. You will quickly get an idea of the prerequisites and key concepts for systematic risk management.

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The course includes 14 subject areas and a final test.

  1. Introduction
  2. Risk Management Framework
  3. Multi-level Framework
  4. Management Standards
  5. What is GRC?
  6. Organizing Risk Management
  7. Types of Risks
  8. Objectives for Risk Management
  9. Treating Risks
  10. Parallel Organizational Process
  11. Documenting a Risk
  12. Risk Workshop
  13. Communication
  14. Final Quiz

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