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Seminaarit > Navigating the Trends in international Taxation

Comprehensive overview of current issues and key trends affecting taxation of companies

In this seminar, we will discuss topical issues that influence international corporate taxation and tax dynamics with Aalto University's top experts. The seminar will focus on the international and EU tax legislation, tax policy and case law, which have a significant impact on the operations of Finland-based, globally operating businesses. The focus will be on both corporate tax and value added tax (VAT).

The field of international taxation is becoming increasingly complex, and tax-related legislation and case law are constantly evolving. In fact, EU is in the middle of a major rebuild of the century-old international company tax system aiming essentially towards establishing a global tax system for global firms.

For companies involved in international business, it is crucial to understand and manage the changes that are taking place. Aalto University's experts act as interpreters for the change and can objectively demonstrate the most relevant aspects of the development of the taxation environment to the business field.

The aim of this seminar is to grasp these dynamics and to identify and discuss the key challenges embedded in the current tax systems and the international and European initiatives aiming at addressing them. Furthermore, we will briefly address – on a non-technical level – important developments in the tax-related case law of the European Court of Justice.

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September 17, 2024


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The seminar is aimed at all experts working with taxation, such as Tax Managers, Controllers, General Counsels, CFOs, and operative corporate management. BIG 4 representatives or other experts providing tax consulting and advice, as well as experts from the tax administration, will benefit significantly from the content of the seminar as well.

The seminar is aimed at people who, in their work, have an interest in following what is happening at the EU, international or global level in the field of taxation and tax policy, as well as the need to apply the changes and developments in the context of their own business.



Morning coffee


Welcome and opening of the day



The starting point: What's the matter in international taxation? 

The Core Issues and developments in International Taxation. What does it mean for my company? 

  • The Dynamics of (International) Tax Law 
  • Direct taxation initiatives on a global level. Where are we, and where will we get to?

Moritz Scherleitner, Aalto University 





The Core Issues and developments in International Taxation. What does it mean for my company? 

  • Direct taxation initiatives at an EU level: The EU as a player in international tax 
  • Briefly: What about the European Court of Justice?  

Moritz Scherleitner, Aalto University 




Where does VAT currently rest and what is on the horizon? 

The concept of permanent establishment for VAT purposes 

Marja Hokkanen, Aalto University 


Afternoon coffee


Right to deduct: The effect of various transactions and cash flows on the right to deduct 

Remedies in taxation and EU law 

Marja Hokkanen, Aalto University


Closing the day

Program changes are possible.

Marja Hokkanen

Marja Hokkanen is Professor of Practice and Postdoctoral Researcher at Aalto University. Marja specializes in EU tax law and especially in EU indirect taxation, such as value added tax and energy taxation. She has almost 30 years of experience in a wide range of positions in the field of taxation. She has worked as Business Director in auditing firms, in legislative functions at the Ministry of Finance and as a tax expert at the Representation of Finland to the EU in Brussels. Marja has consulted companies of all sizes, from international groups to family companies in all business sectors. She also has extensive experience in due diligence, structuring and litigation processes.

Marja Hokkanen is responsible for teaching and research on indirect taxation at Aalto University. Marja also teaches at other European universities. Marja is a personal member of the VAT Expert Group of the European Commission and the tax working group of the Finnish Bar Association. Marja also carries out research projects in various consortia for the European Commission. In addition, she assists companies in legal tax matters as an attorney.

Marja Hokkanen defended her doctoral thesis from the Faculty of Law of the University of Helsinki in 2019 and graduated as a Licentiate of Economics and Business Administration from the University of Eastern Finland in 2003. In 2013, she was a visiting researcher at Lund University Business School.

Moritz Scherleitner

Moritz Scherleitner is Assistant Professor of Tax Law at Aalto University. He specializes in European and international tax law and tax policy.

Scherleitner is a top-level researcher and often works as a consultant for the Ministry of Finance and the Finnish Parliament. He is a well-liked lecturer and is a frequent guest speaker at international conferences.

Scherleitner is originally from Austria, where he graduated from the Vienna School of Economics and Economics. He completed his doctoral degree at the University of Helsinki, from where he moved to Aalto.

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