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Digital Twins: Current State and Future Potentials

Welcome to follow this recording of an Aalto EE Master Class for a two-hour deep dive into the world of digital twins, the ongoing revolution in asset-centric information management. In this master class you will gain comprehensive understanding of what digital twins are, where they are going, and why they are essential for your organization. 

Led by Aalto University experts this master class will dive deeply to the different roles and uses of digital twins, and explain how they enable asset-centric data management and cross-company data sharing. We will review the standardization landscape of digital twins and recognize that it is the right time to act in order to have an influence. We will also learn the difference between digital twins and Digital Product Passports and how they are the main regulation driver for networked digital twins. 

Note! This is an on-demand recording of the live online Master Class organized on 24.5.2024. After registration, you will receive a link to the recording.

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This master class is suitable for individuals and organizations seeking up-to-date insights into the present capabilities and future potentials of digital twins. 

This master class is especially beneficial for people in business management positions, technical digital twins specialists, or for those curious about this transformative technology. 

Contents and Schedule

Within the two hours, you will:  

  • Gain access to the Aalto University expertise and learn more about the current state and future potentials of digital twins 
  • Gain wide, domain-agnostic understanding of digital twins 
  • Get overview of relevant use cases, technologies and standards 
  • Learn how networked digital twins will transform the future 



Meet your instructors


Motivation for digital twins and their origins



The current state of digital twins 

  • Definition 
  • Use cases 
  • Technologies 
  • Standards 


Future potentials 

  • Regulatory dimensions 
  • Cross-company data sharing 
  • Metaverse 
  • Networked digital twins 



Q&A session 


Key takeaways, further resources





Riku Ala-Laurinaho

Postdoctoral Researcher, Aalto University

Riku Ala-Laurinaho is a postdoctoral researcher at Aalto University, earning his B.Sc. in 2018, M.Sc. in 2019, and D.Sc. in 2021 from Aalto University. With a passion for driving digital transformation in industrial settings, he currently leads the Aalto Digital Twin Lab. The lab focuses on networked digital twins, industrial information integration, and metaverse through industrial collaboration.

Dr. Ala-Laurinaho also serves as the project manager of the Co-Des (Digital transformation of collaborative powertrain design) project, which aims to enable automated ship powertrain design using digital twins. His current research interests include the interoperability of digital twins, industrial internet, and system integration in smart factories.

Juuso Autiosalo

Postdoctoral Researcher, Aalto University

Juuso Autiosalo is an entrepreneurially minded researcher with a mission to give real-world assets a similar revolution that digital information received from the World Wide Web. He defended his doctoral dissertation on the scalability of digital twins for industrial products at Aalto University in 2021 and introduced the Digital Twin Web initiative to foster the adoption of standardized and networked digital twins.

He is currently the project manager and future co-founder of Twinbase, a research-to-business project preparing the commercialization of Aalto’s research results on digital twins, aiming to start a startup in late 2024.

Dr. Autiosalo is a globally renowned digital twin pioneer with a multidisciplinary mindset and solid track record of successful funding applications. He started his doctoral studies in 2017 as the project manager of DigiTwin project which laid the foundation of Aalto’s digital twin research in collaboration with industry partners such as Konecranes. Autiosalo has instructed eight master’s theses from three disciplines and has a practical background in designing and building mechatronic machines such as electric moped and hydraulic pressure accumulators.

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