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The AaltoJOKO® management training program gives you the tools to develop your leadership as well as your organization's strategy and implementation.

This leadership training brings forward-looking leaders together with the best researchers and instructors in their field in a comprehensive program that combines the latest academic research and practical experience with concrete examples.

You will:

  • Develop your own leadership identity and ability to lead people based on trust and interaction
  • Deepen your strategy skills and strategic thinking skills, how strategies are created, how they are implemented, and how they are renewed
  • Understand the laws of change management and gain practical lessons in change management
  • Strengthen your competence in both customer relationship management and financial management.

Up to 18 ECTS credits can be transferred from this program to the Aalto Executive MBA or the Aalto MBA program.

Please note that this program is held in Finnish.

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September 16, 2024


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The AaltoJOKO® program equips you with concrete tools for change management and strategy implementation. During the program, you will expand your leadership perspective and understanding, become more self-aware, and develop your influencing style. Your organization will have access to new, actionable strategy perspectives from different sectors for business renewal and performance management.

Get concrete tools for leading change and strategy implementation
Expand your leadership perspective and understanding
Learn new perspectives and models for business renewal
Become more self-aware and develop your influencing style
Form networks, share experiences, and spar with your peers across industries - even after the program, thanks to the alumni network


AaltoJOKO® is designed for managers and experienced experts who require new perspectives and tools to develop their organizations strategically and renew their leadership style.

The program participants come from businesses in various industries and from public sector organizations and communities.

Contents and Schedule

You can start the program in Spring or Fall. The AaltoJOKO® program consists of eight face-to-face modules and two Live Case exercises. The interactive face-to-face modules are 2-3 days long and focused on selected topics led by experienced instructors. Live Case exercises last about two months, during which learning happens in practice — through experimentation and exercises.

  • The duration of the Live Case exercises is around two months. During the exercises, the learning takes place through experimentation and practice.
  • In the fall, you will take the Hogan Assessment, which opens your personality traits in different situations.
  • The key content of the study modules will be discussed in the Echo Team, which the participant will establish in their work community.
  • You will also complete The Fundamentals of Accounting online course and two optional online courses suitable for your development needs from the selection of courses chosen for the program.

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