Our Customers

Our Customers

"Negotiation Skills Experiences”

“In today’s business the ability to create and work in a team is necessary, but to be in a team it is not enough only to have a common target. You need to share the same tools, have the same rhythm and speak the same ‘language’. My colleagues and I followed Aalto EE’s Negotiation Skills program where we learned the essential elements through real-life case simulations. The program helped us to better understand how to put negotiation strategies into practice, and we were able to implement our learning immediately after we returned to our company whilst preparing for a negotiation with one of our clients. We were thrilled to discover that we had greatly improved our dynamics of negotiation; we not only achieved a better result than we had in the past but also walked out satisfied to have been able to apply what we learned in the World-Class Negotiator Program." - Alessandro Catani, General Manager, Colorobbia Polska Sp. z o.o.

"The Negotiation Skills program was a game-changing event for us. We realized that a negotiation is not a zero-sum game but an opportunity for innovation, inspiration, and value creation together with our customers and partners." - Risto Kuoppamäki, Managing Director, Indmeas Oy

"I am extremely impressed by Gopal's teaching! An excellent teacher, whose methods are based more on real-life experience than on theory, which I found very valuable. The teaching style was also very inspiring and active. When the training ended, I had the feeling that I would simply like to continue with negotiation studies!" - Participant, Negotiation Skills 2017

"This program was one that really gave me new ideas on how to negotiate. I feel that the content suits well even seasoned negotiators. A very inspiring and effective course after which I feel much more confident as a negotiator."  - Participant, Negotiation Skills 2017

"As a co-founder of a new start-up company in the area of engineering services, I found that the program was fully relevant. Some of the practical tools presented and practiced during the program will empower me in my business." - Participant, Negotiation Skills 2017

"Wow! It was amazing the way Gopal teaches, and this kept high attention and energy from all participants. The two-day program passed very fast." - Participant, Negotiation Skills 2017

"I gained new concepts that I want to implement in my daily activities about preparation and the role of a team in a meeting and exchanges of not-equal value." - Participant, Negotiation Skills 2017

"I learned the structure of how to prepare for negotiations and many real-life examples shared by Gopal RajGuru. The possible ways of solving negotiation challenges were very valuable as I often encounter very similar situations in my working life." - Participant, Negotiation Skills 2017  

"I recommend this program because you will get a lot of tools useful in daily activities." - Participant, Negotiation Skills 2016

"Gopal RajGuru was really a phenomenal trainer. I have met many, but he was truly exceptional. He knew his business, was very practical and to the point, and on top of this it was all fun!" - Participant, Negotiation Skills 2016  

"I was aware that two-day is too short time to 'become' a negotiator, but I learned important tools that I can go into deeply in future." - Participant, Negotiation Skills 2016  

"My expectations were exceeded. It was great to have several exercises to participate in and to learn from during the program." - Participant, Negotiation Skills 2016

"I learned a structured approach to negotiations, how to negotiate as a team and how the control of human emotions is crucial for the success of negotiations." - Participant, Negotiation Skills 2016

"The program was compact and, as always, the cases opened up the bits and pieces people should know as well as where they lack competence." - Participant, Negotiation Skills 2016

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