Reetta Ruusunen Brings Strong Growth and Change Leadership Expertise to Aalto EE

Reetta Ruusunen started as Aalto EE’s new Business Area Director for Programs and Learning Solutions in April.

"During my career, Aalto EE has been the operator I've turned to when I've wanted to learn something new," says Reetta Ruusunen. Photo: Heli Blåfield


Reetta Ruusunen, MSc. (Economics) has been appointed as Business Area Director, Programs and Learning Solutions at Aalto EE. In her new position, she is responsible for leading and developing Aalto EE's strategic direction and growth goals. Ruusunen started working at Aalto EE on April 8, 2024.

The rapid development of artificial intelligence and other technologies, as well as the demands for green transition, are now rapidly disrupting working life and our ways of working. The education sector is also being revolutionized, and the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the change as well.

Aalto EE offers traditional executive education and leadership programs, but it also supports the lifewide learning of everyone in the workforce in several ways. The whole program portfolio relies on Aalto University’s expertise based on scientific research.

"During my career, Aalto EE has been the operator I've turned to when I've wanted to learn something new," says Ruusunen.

Aalto University brings together business, art and design, and technology, which is also strongly reflected in what Aalto EE does. Ruusunen finds this all highly fascinating.

“I’ve been developing business throughout my career and often with the use of technology. In addition, I’ve been interested in designing and have studied service design at Aalto EE.”

The demand for competence development increases

In the huge upheaval of working life, there is an even greater demand for competence development. Aalto EE has ambitious growth goals for the upcoming few years. These goals partly aroused Ruususen's interest in the role and her current employer.

Ruusunen has extensive experience in growing businesses and leading change and transformation at large, globally operating companies. She has held a leading position in the field of management consulting for over ten years.

Ruusunen moved to Aalto EE from the consulting company Knowit, where she helped her client companies develop and implement especially their growth and brand strategies.

“Reetta’s strong experience in developing digital business and leading expert organizations in demanding change situations is one of a kind. It’s exactly what Aalto EE needs right now. Also, I believe that her leadership style will be a great fit with the Aalto EE culture,” says Tom Lindholm, the Managing Director of Aalto EE, and Head of Lifewide Learning at Aalto University.

As an experienced change leader, she believes that when an organization is undergoing change, it is important to communicate clearly what the chosen direction is, what the changes are aiming for and how they affect the way people work. The classic why question is important: leaders must be able to explain on what basis certain actions are taken and what are the underlying reasons for change.

“Empathetic but assertive”

In her new role, Ruusunen also acts as a supervisor for several team leaders and is part of Aalto EE's leadership team.

As a leader, she wants to be "empathetic but assertive" and challenge people to develop themselves. Psychological safety and involving people are important values. A good supervisor ensures that their team members feel safe to share their concerns and are not left alone in difficult situations.

During her first weeks at Aalto EE, Ruusunen has been delighted with how passionate people at Aalto EE are about their work.

"We want to offer the best to the customer. At the same time, the work culture is really welcoming."


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