Kai Himberg of Fazer Chosen as Security Director of the Year

Kai Himberg is a long-line security professional who actively shares his experiences and learnings from the field of security management with his network. Himberg works as a security director in the food industry, whose role as a part of the security of supply in Finnish society has been highlighted by the crises of recent years.


Aalto University Professional Development (Aalto PRO), Finnsecurity ry, and Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK) have chosen Fazer Group's Chief Security Officer, Kai Himberg, as the Security Director of the Year 2022. Fazer is a Finnish food company that employs approximately 6,000 people. In addition to Finland, Fazer operates in seven other countries in Northern Europe and exports to more than 40 countries around the globe.

Himberg is a highly experienced security expert and leader whose abilities and skills to act in demanding situations have been proven several times over the past few years. He actively shares his experiences and knowledge in different networks and works naturally in a constructive dialogue between the authorities and business life.

"The recognition from professionals in the field is a great honor for me and, at the same time, makes this critical field of work and its great professionals visible. In a way, in many situations, we have succeeded when our work is not noticed in the organization.”

“For me, networking and developing the field are fundamental prerequisites for success in my work, and I am glad that they have been taken into account in the award criteria," says Kai Himberg.

The selection criteria emphasize high performance in challenging management tasks and having a comprehensive and strategic grasp of security. In addition, the jury's criteria emphasize an active role in the networks and the development of competence in the field in Finland through one's role. The global changes in corporate security and the criticality of security of supply were emphasized in the selection for 2022.

"Kai Himberg's field of work is an area that touches every one of us in our daily lives, which is critical to the security of society's operations and security of supply. The absoluteness of product safety, the sensitivity of supply chains, and the renewing food sector, which offers innovative products, brings its own special features for security management,” explains Anna-Maija Ahonen, Senior Program Manager at Aalto PRO and jury member.

The selection criteria also highlighted Himberg's knowledge of Russia, which has proven critical in the current world situation and in assessing companies' geopolitical risks.

"The last few years have also been exceptional from a security point of view. At Fazer, security management has particularly emphasized its societal role as a security of supply organization, which has led to accumulating lessons and experiences in-house in many different functions.

One important point I would like to highlight is the importance of a safety and security culture within large organizations. Above all, culture is realized through people's understanding and actions. I have learned during the exceptional times that in a well-functioning workplace organizational culture, communication alone is sometimes enough for a security act, increasing people's trust and well-being."

Aalto PRO and its predecessors have been training security managers for thirty years in the Diploma in Safety and Security Management Program, which more than 500 security experts and managers have already attended. Himberg was awarded on November 29 at the Finnish Security Awards.

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