Leading Radical Creativity in Ecosystems - need for new solutions in management education

Leading an organization for creativity and innovation and exploiting multidisciplinarity in ecosystems requires a new attitude, new knowledge, and new skills. This calls for new methods also in management education to help organizations and individuals achieve these new skills.

During 2023 and 2024, Aalto EE and Aalto University will explore the new drivers of radical creativity and how the respective capabilities can be taught in business and entrepreneurship education.


There is a pressing need to develop and discover future management education models and tools for next generation leaders to enhance radical creativity.  Additionally, it is crucial to facilitate the growth of corporate capabilities for collaboration within diverse and multidisciplinary ecosystems involving various partners. 

Saastamoinen Foundation has made this development for management education possible.

More information about the project:


M.A. Elisabeth Pesola
Project Manager and Senior Competence Manager, Aalto EE

M.A. Nana Salin,
Director, Alternative Funding, Aalto EE
Project steering committee

D.A. Riikka Mäkikoskela
Head of Radical Creativity, Aalto University
Project steering committee

M.Sc. Carita Pihlman,
Head of People and Organization Development, Aalto University
Project steering committee